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Type Inspiration 1

Letter Style: One Character
Font Style: Frame It
Thread Color: Aluminum Metallic

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Type Inspiration 2

Letter Style: Name
Font Style: Miller Daily
Thread Color: Indian Summer

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Type Inspiration 3

Letter Style: Name
Font Style: Miller Display
Thread Color: Midnight Navy

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That’s So Hue

That’s So Hue

Love colors? We do, too. With a total of 28 colors to choose from, you can add a bright accent any way you like.

Vera Bradley Thread Colors Vera Bradley Thread Colors

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Color Inspiration 1

Pattern:Microfiber Classic Black
Thread Color:Arden Lavender

Color Inspiration 2

Pattern:Microfiber Classic Black
Thread Color:Oceanic Green

Color Inspiration 3

Pattern:Microfiber Classic Black
Thread Color:Cheeky Pink

More Places to Make Your Own

More Places to Make Your Own

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Front High

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