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7 New Fonts

7 New Fonts

Add your signature style! Choose from classic, modern and script fonts.

Just My Type

Type Inspiration 1

Letter Style: Three Initials
Font Style: Vines
Thread Color: Natural White

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Type Inspiration 2

Letter Style: Name
Font Style: Miller Display
Thread Color: Natural White

Shop the Iconic Large Travel Duffel
Type Inspiration 3

Letter Style: One Character
Font Style: Circle Serif
Thread Color: Dark Blue

Shop the Iconic Weekender Travel Bag
15 New Colors

15 New Colors

Love new colors? We do, too. With a total of 28 colors to choose from, you can add a bright accent any way you like.

Vera Bradley Thread Colors Vera Bradley Thread Colors

That’s So Hue

Color Inspiration 1

Pattern: Bramble
Thread Color: Lavender

Shop Bramble
Color Inspiration 2

Pattern: Gage Blue
Thread Color: Warm Ivory

Shop Gage Blue
Color Inspiration 3

Pattern: Bordeaux Blooms
Thread Color: Aluminum Metallic

Shop Bordeaux Blooms
More Places to Make Your Own

More Places to Make Your Own

Add personalization in even more places — we've given you additional options to show your style!

Shop Multiple Placements

Perfect Placements

Front pocket personalization

Front Pocket

On the side personalization

Side Pocket

On the top personalization

Front Panel

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