It’s Good to Be a Girl

As women, we share an unbreakable bond, an unspoken understanding and our own secret language. We always have a shoulder to lean, cry or laugh on and an entire community that unconditionally has our backs. When we build each other up, nothing can tear us down. Individually, we're strong and, together, we're a force of nature.

As a company of women designing for women, we solve problems through beautiful, intuitive design. We offer crossbody bags in every size, style and color because, just like us, your hands are always full and you love options. We put pockets in the right places to help keep you organized throughout your day because we know multitasking is an art form, and we want to make it easier to master.

At Vera Bradley, we create reasons why it's good to be a girl, and we celebrate them. We're calling on you, every daughter, mother, sister and friend, to join us - to choose optimism, spread positivity and tell the world why it's good to be a girl. After all, we're even stronger in numbers!



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