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3 Ways to Use a Throw Blanket in the Summer

There are few things we love more than wrapping up in a cozy throw blanket with a toasty hot chocolate on a cold day. Our throw blankets are constantly used throughout the cool months of the year but don’t get much love in the summer. With the vibrantly colored patterns and softest touch ever, our […]

Dashing Darla’s Gift Picks

She’s back! Our good friend Dashing Darla has been spending the past few weeks spreading cheer on social media (because we all know it could use a little more positivity)! If you’re not familiar with Dashing Darla’s mission, here’s a little bit about her, taken from her Facebook page: “My name is Dashing Darla, and […]

Love the dorm life

We had a wonderful time walking down memory lane, recounting our college days, and pinning fun, funky decor onto our Dorm Room board on Pinterest. Hopefully, these accessories will inspire your new living quarters. (It’s all about adding color!) With the release of our Bed and Bath items on the horizon (Thursday, June 28), we […]