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Polishing off the look

When assembling the perfect look, no detail is too small. For a cool way to complement your favorite Winter 2011 colors, paint on a coat of vibrant nail polish. We thought we’d start you off with a few suggestions … Floral Nightingale, paired with imported bubbly, power clutch, and damsel in a dress   Tea […]

Lose the blues

The wait is over … our Winter collection has arrived in Stores and at verabradley.com! Our new colors – Tea Garden, Floral Nightingale, Suzani and Rhythm & Blues – are the perfect blend of sweet and sophisticated for the season. Now that you’ve had a chance to get to know the new styles and colors […]

Tea Garden

Trend Reporter Liz takes us, color by color, through Winter 2011. The line between dream and reality is erased with this fantastical floral. Foliage and copious petals will cover every available surface this season, think florals growing out of control. We’ve put blushing pink and orange posies on a neutral grey ground giving these make-up […]