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Destination Diaries: Allison

If you’ve been diligently planning your tropical vacay but are at a loss for what to bring, we’ve got your back. Our Associate Art Director, Allison, got to take the trip of a lifetime for our Summer 2017 photo shoot. She’s dishing on what she did, and brought, for her island adventures.

Destination Diaries: Allison

I had such a great trip to  Puerto Rico , where I  helped work on the Summer 2017 photo shoot.  I brought my  Mallory Tote on the plane and carried everything else in a  Small Hardside Spinner .

My Bucket List included  exploring Old San Juan, Palomino Island and enjoying the beautiful sunsets,  which called for a  Straw Beach Tote

This season I am all about  Turquoise Sea , which makes me think of  the beaches in Puerto Rico . This look is destined for adventure!

See behind-the-scenes footage from our Summer 2017 photo shoot and learn where to shop, dine and play in San Juan

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How-to: Pack a Carry-On for Two Weeks

If you’re a frequent flier, you know what a hassle it can be getting from one destination to the next. Between long lines at check-in and security to hopping terminals for connecting flights, it would be a miracle to travel without delays.  One of the biggest pains of travel is checking luggage — no one wants to pay a $25 fee, just for their luggage to be lost. We can all agree that the last thing you want is to arrive in Europe and not receive your luggage for three more days. Case in point — we always try to fly with just a carry-on, when possible. We know what you’re thinking, “my trip is way too long to only pack a carry-on,” — but that’s where we come in. With the right tools and a savvy strategy, you can pack two weeks in a carry-on. 

Don’t believe us? We’ll prove it. Our Digital Designer, Amanda, recently went on a two-week trip to Argentina. In just one carry-on and one personal item, she successfully packed 14 days’ worth of clothing, accessories and necessities. Here’s how she did it.

How-to: Pack a Carry-On for Two Weeks

Luggage Essentials

22” Rolling Luggage

Weekender Travel Bag

PRO TIP: By using rolling luggage as your carry-on and a large travel bag as your personal item, you’re essentially able to fill two carry-ons, making this possible. The Weekender is perfect for the things you’ll need easy access to on the flight — laptop, travel documents, snacks, and ear buds (plus anything that doesn’t fit in your rolling luggage). This is also where you’ll stash your handbag (AKA, your usual personal item) while going through security.

How-to: Pack a Carry-On for Two Weeks

Organization Heroes

• 3 Packing Cubes — 1 Small, 1 Medium, 1 Large
Keep your clothing compressed for maximum packing space

Hanging Travel Organizer
Perfect for keeping toiletries and jewelry neat and separated

Ditty Bag
Great for separating worn undergarments from unworn

Slim Travel Organizer
Travel documents will stay neat and safe with RFID technology

PRO TIP: It may seem like additional organization items just take up more room, but you wouldn’t believe how much space they save! Packing cubes can easily compress and make your clothing more compact. The Hanging Travel Organizer (link) keeps your cosmetics neat while laying flat.

How-to: Pack a Carry-On for Two Weeks


Packing List

• 8 dresses
• 2 pairs of jeans or shorts
• 3 cardigans
• 3 shirts
• 1 pair of pajamas
• extra undergarments
• 2 bathing suits
• 1 pair of sandals
• 1 pair of wedges
• 1 pair of sneakers

PRO TIP: Whether you’re staying at an Airbnb or a hotel, you’re likely to have access to a washing machine at some point during your trip. USE THIS! You’ll want to be able to re-wear your tops, bottoms and dresses more than once. Try to plan your clothing to all be in the same color palette; it will make mixing and matching so much easier!


Carson Saddle Bag
• belt
• watch
• other jewelry
• hat
• sunglasses

PRO TIP: Wear your sneakers, hat and heaviest clothing on your travel day to save space in your luggage.


• hair straightener
• make-up
• comb
• bobby pins
• toothbrush
• deodorant
• carry-on compliant shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste
• powdered laundry soap
• additional necessities

PRO TIP: Use the Hanging Travel Organizer to keep your toiletries neat.


Travel Accessories
• travel documents
• passport
• snacks
• phone charger
• ear buds
• laptop and charger
• adapter
• first aid: Dramamine, ibuprofen, band-aids, etc.

PRO TIP: If there is one thing you can’t forget, it’s an adapter! When you’re traveling to foreign countries, the outlets will likely not fit your iPhone charger. Order an adapter online ahead of time to save yourself the trouble.


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Now Hiring: Summer 2017 Interns

If you’ve dreamed of turning your love of Vera Bradley into a career, you’re in luck. We’re looking for interns for our Summer 2017 Intern Program. Our 12-week program isn’t like your average fashion internship consisting of getting coffee and making copies. Our interns work on real hands-on projects that help impact their department and the company as a whole. Last year’s interns did everything from helping design Spring 2017 duffels to streamlining the distribution process.

Interns can volunteer at various Vera Bradley events (like the Classic) and will attend weekly lunch and learns to get face time with company leadership including our CEO, and our co-founder, Barbara Bradley Baekgaard. Intrigued? If you’re wondering if you have what it takes, we got the scoop straight from the source. We chatted with five Vera Bradley associates that got their start at the company as interns to get tips on scoring the internship and making the most of the experience.

Now Hiring: Summer 2017 Interns

How did you land your internship?

“I applied on our website the night the position was posted. I stayed up so late perfecting my cover letter and had my mom proofread it before I hit send!” — Amanda, Digital Designer

“I followed up after my interview and sent handwritten thank-you notes to my interviewers. I was persistent (hopefully not too annoying), to say the least!” — Elise, Corporate Communications Project Manager

Now Hiring: Summer 2017 Interns

How did you secure a full-time position post-internship?

“I stayed connected with the team and always came back to visit to maintain relationships and stay top of mind.” — Kelli, Product Development Manager

“During the program, my mentor helped me find ways to integrate into the daily work above and beyond my specific internship project. I stayed on as an intern after the program was over, and had the opportunity to apply for a permanent position on my team a few months later!” — Amanda

Now Hiring: Summer 2017 Interns

“While interning, I applied for several open positions in the hopes of landing a permanent position. Luckily, the timing worked out well and I accepted a full-time position that began just a few weeks after I graduated. I’m beyond thankful for that opportunity because I’ve now grown with the company and have called Vera Bradley home for nearly ten years!” — Elise

Now Hiring: Summer 2017 Interns

What is your biggest piece of advice for those looking to apply?

“Do your homework! Being well-informed about a company and its culture can really pay off during your interview. It shows you care enough to take the time to research and learn about the company.” — Jillian, Marketing Specialist

“Don’t be afraid to show Vera Bradley who you are! Getting an internship or job is not just about knowledge and skill, but also making sure you fit with the company culture.” — Molly

“Research the company, practice your interview skills and send thank-you notes!” — Kelli

Now Hiring: Summer 2017 Interns

A final word …

“Care as much about fitting into the Vera Bradley culture as you do making sure your skills align with the job requirements. Also, keep an open mind and be willing to try new things — I had two internships to find my perfect fit!” — Jillian

“Start early!” — Kelli

“The application process gets you the interview, but the interview process is where we really get to know one another! Do your research in advance and let your personality shine through. Ask any questions you have — it has to be the right fit for both sides.” — Amanda

What are you waiting for? A colorful future awaits …
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Behind The Scenes: Summer Photo Shoot

With the release of our Summer new arrivals, we’ve been daydreaming of our Summer photo shoot in Puerto Rico. While everyone was snuggled up in their throw blankets in December, our creative team traded their cozy socks in for flip flops and escaped to the sandy beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico to photograph our Summer 2017 product. Senior Art Director, Heidi, gave us a close-up of their photo shoot experience.

Behind the scenes: Summer 2017 photo shoot

Where to Stay

“El Conquistador had everything we needed for our stay — beautiful scenery, amazing food and plenty of outdoor activities!” – Heidi

Our team stayed at El Conquistador, a Waldorf Astoria resort. Although they spent a lot of time hard at work, everyone raved about the experience. It would be nearly impossible to be bored at this resort between the countless pools, water park, tours, outdoor activities and events. If you find yourself in Puerto Rico, we highly recommend it.

Where to Shop

“There are so many little shops all through the streets of Old San Juan. It’s hard to pick just one!” – Heidi

Between shopping in the historic streets of Old San Juan and the countless shops found right at your resort, you’ll have no trouble finding souvenirs for everyone on your list. El Conquistador has its own clothing boutique, spa, convenience stores and souvenir shops, so you truly would never have to leave the resort.

Behind the scenes: Summer 2017 photo shoot

Where to Eat

Discovering hidden gems is one of our favorite things about travel. While circling the city, we discovered La Bombonera bakery, a local favorite in the historic district of Old San Juan. If you make the stop, quesitos and a café con leche are an absolute must.

“La Bombonera is the best! It’s an old style café that is perfectly maintained. The quesitos are to die for!” – Heidi

If you want the full Puerto Rican culinary experience, try going on a food tour. The Old San Juan Food Tour will take you around the city where you’ll sample local eateries and learn the city’s history as you go.

Behind the scenes: Summer 2017 photo shoot

Where to Play

Whether lounging under an umbrella or snorkeling off the shore is your idea of fun, Palomino Island is perfect for a day-trip. Just a short boat ride from the shore, this picturesque island is great for sunset cruises, water sports and just soaking up the sun.

“Palomino Island was the best find! It has everything from horseback riding on the beach and outdoor games to a cocktail bar.” – Heidi

Behind the scenes: Summer 2017 photo shoot

Now that we know where to dine, shop and play — we’re ready to plan our trip!

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How-to: Throw the Best Bachelor Finale Party

As women, we tend to pride ourselves on having class and good taste. Face it; any time we can mention our love of West Elm or fancy French cuisine, we drop it into the conversation. The thing we don’t eagerly bring up as often — our undying love of dramatic reality TV shows. It’s true — these are the shows we love to hate, the non-debatable favorite being The Bachelor. Between Chris Harrison’s dad jokes, the inevitable drama between the girls and the suspense of who will get the final rose, we can’t get enough. It should come as no surprise that our office holds a Bachelor bracket every season. Tuesday mornings following each episode, Vera Bradley Bachelor Nation huddles to discuss the latest episode.

“Corinne said WHAT?”

“Why did he send her home? She was the best!”

“Who is Whitney? She doesn’t even go here!”

Sound like your squad? We feel you. To end the season, we’re throwing a viewing party to watch The Final Rose together. Not to brag, but we’re kind of pros when it comes to throwing Bachelor viewing parties — and we want you to be able to do the same. First things first, put on your go-to Bachelor Mondays outfit. Next, grab your notebook and jot down these three steps to throwing the best Bachelor finale party.

How-to: Throw the Best Bachelor Finale Party

1. Plan the Menu

Hosting parties can often seem daunting, especially when you consider the time and effort that goes into planning and creating the menu. Luckily, The Bachelor airs late enough in the evening, that you’ll just need to cover light snacks. For our party, we made popcorn and picked up some cupcakes from a local bakery. Everyone knows nothing pairs better with Bachelor Mondays than a glass of wine. Get a few bottles of your squad’s favorite sparkling rosé and garnish it with a rose petal for extra Instagram-worthy pictures.

How-to: Throw the Best Bachelor Finale Party

How-to: Throw the Best Bachelor Finale Party

2. Select the Games

No viewing party is complete without a fun game or two. Whether placing bets on the winner or playing a workout game (10 jumping jacks when they mention the final rose) is your style, there are countless Bachelor-themed games out there. This year we created Bachelor bingo cards so you can mark everything off from Nick walking alone with an inner monologue playing (because that is BOUND to happen) to the girls questioning who is in it for the right reasons. Love this idea? You can download our three versions for free!

How-to: Throw the Best Bachelor Finale Party

bachelor bingo

[ Download: version 1 | version 2 | version 3 ]

3. Create the Setting

The one thing that differentiates great parties from good parties is the ambience. If you spend a little extra time setting up your viewing space, your guests are bound to be snapping pictures all night, making it truly a party to remember. Little details like a vase of roses (use the extra rose petals as markers for your bingo cards) or a beautiful tray for your food make a huge difference. Bonus points if you can whip up a “will you accept this rosé” sign.

How-to: Throw the Best Bachelor Finale Party

Ready, set, start planning! You have one week until the finale to pull together the perfect viewing party. If you’re here for the right reasons, we’re sure your party will be the MOST DRAMATIC EVER (sorry, we had to).

Now the real question — are you team Vanessa, Rachel or Raven? Tell us below in the comments!

Scent Destination: Cotton Flower

Aromas can invoke nostalgia, create atmospheres and cause all kinds of feelings the second a scent hits you. We now carry four fragrances–each one owning unique characteristics for every personality and destination. Let each scent take you on a trip – the only decision you’ll have to make is where you want to go.

Cotton Flower

Sometimes the best vacation is a staycation. Relaxing at home and exploring hidden gems with your girlfriends is exactly what you need to reset after a crazy time at work. Our favorite scent for relaxation is the light and airy Cotton Flower. This warm and fresh scent has us planning out days of breakfast in bed, trying new restaurants and kicking back with a few cocktails with the girls. If you want to take your staycation to the next level, you can always do an airbnb at a cool downtown loft or stay at a B&B for a change of scenery. Make an event of the weekend with fun party décor and invites to get your squad excited for some much needed time off. To really enjoy your time away from work, these styles should do the trick.

Knit Pajama Pants

Carson Saddle Bag
Travel Mug
Cotton Flower inspiration

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Scent Destination: Vanilla Sea Salt

Aromas can invoke nostalgia, create atmospheres and cause all kinds of feelings the second a scent hits you. We now carry four fragrances–each one owning unique characteristics for every personality and destination. Let each scent take you on a trip – the only decision you’ll have to make is where you want to go.

Vanilla Sea Salt

If you dream of toes in the sand and salt in your hair, Vanilla Sea Salt is just the thing you need for your next beach vacay. A mixture of creamy vanilla and salty sea air, this light fragrance is perfect for afternoon boat rides, brunch with the girls and endless hours lounging on the beach. Before you get your sun-kissed skin, you’ll need to pack a few must-haves for the resort.

Lighten Up Wheeled Carry On

RFID All In One Crossbody

Beach Hat

Vanilla Sea Salt inspiration

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