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Dashing Darla’s Top Gift Ideas

Dashing Darla
Our favorite holiday cheerleader is back again for the third year! You may have noticed our social media has a little more sparkle in it the past few weeks. This holiday twinkle is from Dashing Darla, a friend of the brand who works with our Customer Service team to surprise and delight Vera Bradley fans.

She has already been on our Facebook and Instagram channels spreading cheer and gifting our followers with some of her favorite products. Haven’t heard of Dashing Darla? Here’s her story on her Facebook page:

“My name is Dashing Darla, and giving Vera Bradley gifts is what I do.
If you’re a fan like I am, my next surprise might be for you.
On Facebook and Instagram, I’m a social butterfly.
Just share your love of Vera Bradley and look for my reply.
I might comment with kind words or maybe with something more.
It could be a note to let you know I got you a product you adore.
As for my true identity, you may be wondering ‘who?’ or ‘how?’
Sorry, but that’s going to stay my little secret (at least for now).”

Customer Service let us in on some of the secrets this year and shared Dashing Darla’s list of gifts. Which item is on your wish list?

Throw Blanket in Playful Penguins Gray
“Cold weather is here, and in some places, even snow.
Let me help keep you warm with a Vera Bradley throw!”

All in One Crossbody in Lilac Medallion
“You’re always on the go, so functionality is key
The All in One Crossbody is fashionable and hands-free!”

Ceramic Mug in Playful Penguins Gray
“Fill it with hot chocolate, coffee or tea.
Snuggle up to enjoy this special gift from me.”

Travel Cosmetic Set in Snow Lotus
“When it comes to certain presents, the more pieces, the merrier.
That’s why I love gifting Vera Bradley’s travel cosmetic carrier!”

Reversible Blanket Scarf in Penguin Check
“The weather’s getting colder, and I don’t want you to freeze.
The gift I have for you will keep you warm with ease.”

Follow Dashing Darla on her Facebook and Instagram channels and comment on our social pages and you could get one of her gifts!


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