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How-to: Mix or Match Your Patterns

love to mix and matchWhen it comes to wearing patterns, there are two types of people — those who love to mix and those who love to match. Both camps tend to feel very strongly which styling is the right way, but we’re not here to judge. We believe how you choose to wear your patterns is entirely up to you, so we’re making it really simple. Each pattern this season is offered in every Back to School style, so if you love everything to perfectly coordinate, you can buy a backpack, lunch bag, lanyard, zip ID and crossbody all in the same pattern. If matching isn’t your style, you can mix it up with our coordinating patterns.

Which team are you: Team Match or Team Mix? We’re sharing our outfit inspiration for both mixers and matchers and an easy cheat sheet to reference when selecting a coordinating pattern.

love to match

You feel your best when your patterns are perfectly paired and consistent from your tote to the throw blanket on your bed. This rings particularly true when selecting your back to school essentials. If you want your pattern to shine, we recommend wearing denim or chambray. A chambray dress serves as the perfect “blank slate” for you to decorate with your new Modern Medley styles.

love to mix

You believe there is such thing as matching too much, which is why you like to mix it up. Playing by the rules has never been your style, so feel free to mix florals with stripes and plaids with polka dots! We’re firm believers that stripes go with EVERYTHING, so you’ll have no trouble coordinating your Falling Flowers bag. Switch things up with Falling Flowers Neutral in a coordinating accessory and feel free to go crazy with this adorable polka-dot agenda.

coordinating pattern cheat sheet
coordinating pattern cheat sheet
coordinating pattern cheat sheet

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