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Define the Design: Iconic Collection

Iconic CollectionWhen our designers begin sketching for a season, they always start with you in mind. Whether you call customer service or leave a comment on Facebook, your excitement, concerns and opinions are heard and influence every season’s product selection. Each season is planned several months in advance (even up to a year) and always begins the same way — how can we improve our products to make our customers even happier? This is how the Iconic Collection was born.

You may have noticed that our Iconic Collection looks familiar and that’s because it’s comprised of all the styles you know and love. This collection focuses on the classic cotton and microfiber silhouettes we’re known for, refreshed for a modern feel with updated quilting techniques and a new wipeable print lining (yes, it’s back!). In the Iconic Collection, you’ll find all the bells and whistles you love — charging accessible pockets, RFID protection on styles with card slips and every pocket and compartment you require to stay organized. In addition, we created new versions called Deluxe styles that include extra features and a special channel quilting technique. We chatted with Merchandise Manager, Kirsten, to get the scoop on the new styles, collection and why it’s worth upgrading to the Deluxe style.

VB: Tell us about the Iconic Collection!

Kirsten: “The Iconic Collection is an exciting new assortment of best-selling styles. We updated these select styles to have a more modern, unified aesthetic through updated quilting, newly printed linings and additional functionality.”

VB: Can you explain why the Iconic Collection was created?

Kirsten: “We wanted to give our customer even more of her favorite styles through a new look and added functionality. We also wanted to further improve the existing functionality to ensure she is getting the best product possible. For example, we added a nylon web strap to the Iconic Mini Hipster making it even easier to adjust!”

VB: New “Deluxe” styles are included in the Iconic Collection. Can you explain the differences between the two?

Kirsten: “The main differences are in the quilting technique and additional functionality. We wanted to give her upgraded versions she can choose from, just like we offer multiple pattern options. Deluxe styles include added features, for example, a padded tablet sleeve and adjustable shoulder straps in the Deluxe Campus Backpack. This chart should help demonstrate the differences, using the Iconic Vera Tote and Deluxe Vera Tote as an example.”

Iconic Collection
Iconic Collection
Iconic Collection

VB: You’ve mentioned the Campus Backpack and Vera Tote — what other styles are offered in the Iconic Collection and also come in Deluxe styles?

Kirsten: “This fall, the Iconic Collection includes: Mini Hipster, Little Hipster, Triple Zip Hipster, Double Zip Mailbag, Small Vera Tote, Vera Tote, Campus Backpack and Lunch Bunch. Even more styles will be added in winter! There are Deluxe versions of the Campus Backpack, the Vera Tote and Small Vera Tote.”

VB: Would you upgrade to the Deluxe styles yourself?

Kirsten: “Absolutely! The Deluxe styles are great for customers who are always on-the-go, looking for a more polished look for a bag that can take them from work to weekend. These styles also make excellent carry-on bags for travel.”

Want to learn more about the exciting updates for fall? Assistant Designer, Molly, shares the details behind the four quilting types and how our heritage had an influence.

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