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Built on Quilt: Meet Our 4 Types of Quilting

Built on QuiltThere’s a buzz happening right now at the Vera Bradley Design Center. Excitement is in the air as we begin to share our new patterns, collections and styles with our beloved customers, both VB vets and newbies. A lot goes into every paisley, strap and pocket you see, and our design team has been working tirelessly to ensure you love the newness and updates of our future collections. One of the notable updates you’ll see in our Back to School and Fall Collections is the variety of quilting designs. We met with Assistant Designer, Molly, to learn more about these different quilting types, why the updates were made and how our heritage affected the stitching styles.

VB: What are the four types of quilting in our line?

Molly: “The diamond quilt is the original you know and love. We now have three additional quilting stitches — the micro-diamond, square diamond and channel quilts.”

Built on Quilt

VB: We’ve always given a lot of thought to our quilting. Can you share a bit about our motivation for expanding those offerings?

Molly: “Our design team felt since we were updating the product to a more modern aesthetic, the quilt should follow suit. Once we took a deep look into what is best for each product, we realized that certain materials or collections looked better in different quilts.”

VB: Is there a method for which stitch is used on what products?

Molly: “Yes! The Iconic, Carson and Change It Up Collections (coming soon) in our Signature Cotton prints are quilted with the square diamond quilt. These same collections in Microfiber and Denim, as well as the Hadley Collection use the micro-diamond quilt. Deluxe styles from the Iconic Collection use channel quilting in both Signature and Microfiber. Our original diamond quilting is being used on styles that haven’t been updated yet in the line, as well as for our Factory Outlet Stores.”

Built on Quilt

VB: Our heritage remains a key part of our brand and products to this day. How has heritage played a role in creating the new quilting types?

Molly: “Vera Bradley is known as a quilted cotton brand, and we didn’t want to change that because it’s something both we and our fans love so much! There are so many aspects of quilting we love — it’s soft and flexible, yet strong and durable. This is a technique that gets passed down through generations, just as the love of Vera Bradley and our bags do. Quilting is stitched into our heritage and brand, not to mention American culture, too!”

VB: Can you tell us about anything exciting you’re working on right now?

Molly: “There are more fun quilts coming out each season, so keep an eye out for them!”

There is a lot to be excited about this season! See for yourself and shop our new arrivals. Look out later this week for all the details on our new Iconic Collection and Deluxe styles.

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