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Behind the Scenes: Back to School Photo Shoot

Last week’s new arrivals release has us feeling all of the preppy vibes. Our new patterns and styles are rooted in heritage, so our creative team needed to find a photo shoot location that would reflect the design inspiration. Back in February when everyone was curling up in throw blankets, our team was in Savannah, Georgia scouting the perfect location for our Back to School photo shoot. We got the scoop from Senior Art Director, Lionel, who shared the inspiration behind this season’s photo shoot and the highlights of our new collection.

VB: Tell us about the theme for the Back to School photo shoot.

Lionel: “For Back to School, we went back to our heritage, which was heavily rooted in prints and pattern mixing. We really embraced this idea, particularly in our styling. The team wanted to give our girls a bit of a rock-n-roll edge, so music became a key element of the season. You’ll see our models rock various instruments throughout the campaign.”

Fall 2017 behind the scenes

VB: How did the new patterns inspire the overall Back to School theme?

Lionel: “Our Back to School patterns are bright and playful, so we wanted to ensure that attitude was carried throughout the theme of the season. Going back to school shouldn’t be boring or mundane, so we think our backpacks will get you an A+ in style!”

Fall 2017 behind the scenes

VB: Why did you choose Savannah as this year’s shoot location?

Lionel: “We chose Savannah, Georgia because of their beautiful historical architecture, which we felt tied back nicely to our heritage. The shoot had a small town feel since most of the locations we shot in were within walking distance of each other. The Savannah College of Art and Design has also done an amazing job restoring the city while still maintaining its history. We really loved the large oak trees with Spanish moss, which gave a true fall atmosphere in the South, even though it was late February.”

Fall 2017 behind the scenes

Fall 2017 behind the scenes

VB: What was your favorite part about working on this photo shoot and what did you learn? 

Lionel: “My favorite part of this shoot was connecting with a lot of local community members and shops around Savannah. We shot in the iconic Forsyth Park, a cute coffee shop called Mirabelle Café and Paris Market. Paris Market is a beautiful space we shot in and around that you’ll spot in our later Fall Fashion launch. I learned that Vera Bradley had actually shot in Savannah previously, so it’s interesting that we can take the same location and make it look and feel completely different. I also learned a lot of movies have been filmed in Savannah, like Forrest Gump and the new Baywatch movie!”

Fall 2017 behind the scenes

Fall 2017 behind the scenes

VB: What should our fans know about this year’s Back to School Collection?

Lionel: There’s a big floral trend in fashion right now! I especially love our Ditsy Floral and Modern Medley patterns because they’re bold and this season is all about not being afraid to stand out. We also paid close attention to functionality and ensured our products are not only beautiful, but also provide solutions from a padded laptop sleeve to a special pocket for your phone charger. Lastly, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns (or wear head-to-toe patterns)!”

Fall 2017 behind the scenes

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