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3 Ways to Use a Throw Blanket in the Summer

There are few things we love more than wrapping up in a cozy throw blanket with a toasty hot chocolate on a cold day. Our throw blankets are constantly used throughout the cool months of the year but don’t get much love in the summer. With the vibrantly colored patterns and softest touch ever, our throws deserve to shine all year, so we rounded up our three favorite ways to use our throw blankets in the summer.

1. Picturesque Picnic

3 ways to use a throw blanket
There’s nothing like sipping on rosé and snacking on strawberries in the summer. Make your next picnic insta-worthy by adding a pop of pattern. Pack your favorite cheeses and fruit and have yourself a picnic (literally).

2. Living Chic

Living Chic
You may not be curling up in your throw this time of year, but why not keep it on display? Toss it over a blanket ladder or drape it on your couch as an unexpected accent piece.

3. Cozy in the Car

3 ways to use a throw blanket
Between countless getaways and weekends at the lake, we spend a lot of time in the car during the summer. Put a few throw blankets in a basket in the backseat or trunk of your car for your next road trip (because you’re bound to take a nap). This will also come in handy if you frequent the drive-in movie theater on chilly summer nights.

Have you ever used your throw blanket in a unique way before? Tell us your favorite way to use a throw blanket in the comments!

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