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All About Our Site Makeover

You may have noticed something new about this week. We made a few changes, and it’s all for you! We customized our site to cater to your suggestions and create an amazing shopping experience. Our new digital platform is easier to navigate and even more fun to shop for your favorite patterns and styles. VP of Digital and CRM, Tom, gives the full story behind the new (and improved)

What was the motivation behind the new

“The new project was established to develop a digital platform so we could easily build new capabilities that were important to our customers, have greater capabilities to deliver omni-channel experiences and support telling the story of our brand.

To do all of this, we gathered customer feedback on the previous website about what customers liked and didn’t like, what features we had that were beneficial and the features we didn’t have that they would value. We combined that with selecting an eCommerce platform that could grow and scale as our business needs require.”

What are three things that customers can benefit from on the new site?

shopping at your fingertips
1. Improved Mobile Experience
“The mobile experience for improved significantly through ‘building for touch,’ which uses responsive web design and streamlines the steps from browse to purchase. Over 60% of our customers visit and shop on their smartphones, so this became an imperative.”

see the product in action
2. Advanced Design
“We had already implemented many of the visual changes related to our brand relaunch in August 2016. Customers will now see a refined browse and navigation experience, redesigned product detail pages and a simplified and intuitive checkout experience. We know Vera Bradley customers use our website heavily for research, and the improved product page brings enhanced imagery, product videos, helpful reviews and user-generated content to show our product in action.”

feed the impulse shopper
3. New Capabilities
“New capabilities like PayPal (top-requested enhancement from customers), a ShopRunner subscription shipping service and E-Gift cards have all been added to the new We also added the ability to buy online and pickup in your nearest Vera Bradley Store — a convenient way to get your favorite style or new pattern when you have to have it now. Look for even more new capabilities throughout the year!”

What is one of the biggest changes customers will see when they visit the new, and why is it a good change?

“I think we really have made our brand and our product ‘the heroines’ on our new website. We have a new section called ‘Discover’, where you can read our story, see the inspiration for the season, download our patterned digital wallpaper for your phone or desktop and engage with our digital communities.

a new section to "discover"

The changes to both the browse and the product pages really highlight the features and benefits. Each handbag, travel piece and accessory has a unique story to tell.

Please tell us what you think about our new website! There is always a feedback link either floating in the right margin or in the footer of every page for you to share your thoughts with us at any time.” — Tom

What do you think about the new site? Leave your feedback in the comments section, or go visit and let us know there. Happy shopping!


  • Casey Williford says:

    Love! But wish there was still a quick “add to bag” button without having to actually go to a new page. I love to just scroll through and click add to bag, add to bag, add to bag, add to bag!! Haha!

    • eileen bowler says:

      I agree with the above statements. I also know there is a learning curve, but why did you have to change it? I don’t care for it and dislike having to navigate all over this site. I hope you reconsider and go back to the way it was.

  • Tami Boerner says:

    Nice updates… though couldn’t get paypal to work, my order history (and favorites) is missing, and many many glitches that tell you the page no longer exists.

  • Eileen says:

    I am having a horrible time navigating this new site. I have literally spent three times as long shopping and when I finally attempted to purchase an item, I could not get it into my shopping bag. Something is very wrong with this new site.

  • Jolene Foster says:

    Definitely not an improvement!!! Way too slow!! Cannot locate items I am shopping for.

  • Brooke Campbell says:

    Where has all the bedding gone?

  • Julie Pardoe says:

    Love the new site! Very clean! Agree with Casey, though, hate going back and forth between pages when adding to the cart. Really slows you down placing an order. The quicker I can get off the site the better chance I have of not being busted by my husband buying more Vera “again”. LOL!

    • Kaylee Delacy says:

      Hi Julie!

      Thanks for your feedback. We’re working closely with our digital team to work out these bugs for a better shopping experience in the future!


      The Social Media Team

    • Cynthia says:

      Hahah!!! Glad I’m not the only one who gets ‘busted!’ by hubby….

  • Julie Pardoe says:

    Oh forgot…would be helpful to have a category called Beach. Without it have to scroll through different categories and a ton of pages to find beach bag then matching towel, flip flops, and all the other cute products I wouldn’t have known about if I didn’t type Beach as a search.

    Also, please bring back the clearance link under the sale category. Fun to just see what’s in there and great for adding a product to get over the free shipping minimum.

  • Raquel Stein says:

    This new website is sooo slow to load, have to tap 3-4 times to view the desired product. I don’t like it at all!

    • Kaylee Delacy says:

      Hello, Raquel!

      We’re sorry to hear you had issues loading the site. Our team is working diligently to ensure these bugs don’t happen in the future. We hope you give us another chance 😉 We have some great things planned for the coming season!!


      The Social Media Team

  • Barbara Ebbess says:

    I am unable to use Search. That was the feature I depended on.

    • Kaylee Delacy says:

      Hi Barbara,

      We’re sorry to hear this. Our team is working out a few bugs on the site that will make it run more smoothly. The Search function has actually improved and will pull in products from the entire website, rather than just full-priced products. Hopefully you have no further issues!


      The Social Media Team

  • F says:

    What happened to the Online Clearance section?

  • Holly says:

    I wish there was still the option to add to bag without opening another page. It seems like it’s harder to add items to the bag. It feels like I have to click 50 times to get an item into my shopping cart on my cell phone. The site seems to take longer to load on my cell phone. Please fix.

    • Kaylee Delacy says:

      Hello, Holly!

      We’re sorry to hear that you’re having issues with the website. Our team is still working out a few bugs and we hope the shopping experience will get even better in the near future!

      Thank you for your feedback.

      The Social Media Team

  • Carol Eck says:

    I have not been able to add an item to my bag! I had to use my phone app to make a purchase. Also, there is no “add Promo Code!” Help!!!

    • Kaylee Delacy says:

      Hi Carol,

      Thank you for your feedback – we really value hearing from our customers. Our team is working diligently to work through some bugs to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future!


      The Social Media Team

  • Diane says:

    Not happy with new website . Needs a lot of improvement . Way to slow , cannot locate items
    That I want to purchase. It is very confusing shopping on this website .

    • Kaylee Delacy says:

      Hi Diane,

      Our team is working diligently to work through some bugs to make the experience even better. We want you to have the best shopping experience possible.


      The Social Media Team

  • K says:

    The ‘add to shopping bag’ does NOT WORK in google chrome at all – BUT- only for VB – it works on all of the other websites that I shop from – SO SHAME ON YOU – the new website format SUCKS – it is slow and the things that were good with the old format are now gone – such as CLEARANCE items – and general shopping which was much faster – you have gone backwards – NOT forwards with this mess – and I hate the description area where you have to keep clicking over to find or see stuff – and to see the item – I liked the snippets at the bottom of the item picture that I could click on if I wanted to with the former website where I could see ALL of them at the same time. If you are gearing this to people to shop on their cell phones them set up a totally different website just for them – as this new one sucks! Again – SHAME ON YOU!! Like someone else said – something is VERY WRONG with this new site…….

  • Laurie says:

    I love the new site. The nav bars are awesome, and I get my items added to my bag in 1 click. Yay. The site is clean and bright, and really nice. The visuals really draw you into the brand. I’m a big fan of this refresh!

  • BMcCMc says:

    My biggest wish is that VB should have a ^ Top arrow on every screen the way other companies do. It saves so much arm effort. |

  • Jeannie D says:

    In just browsing, I thought the new website was more colorful, but I have not attempted to order anything because I don’t intend to order any of the newer bags with the cheap, slick linings. What good is a newly designed website if you don’t listen to your customers and bring quality back to the Vera bags?

  • Mary Klippel says:

    After looking good at many of the sale pages… I am unable to get out of the V.B. site. Backed out… page by page… 39 pages… and still couldn’t get out of the V.B. Web site. Finally in frustration I rebooted my phone. I would say this is definitely a bug in need of fixing.

  • TAK says:

    Hi VB,
    I like the changes but— I wish, as a Canadian customer, that I could order online with a Canadian “bill to” address and an American “ship to” address instead of having to go through Borderfree. The duty on items is cost prohibitive for shipping things into Canada. I’d love to be able to purchase something online and pick it up over the border (which is only an hour away for me, and a lot of other potential Canadian customers!).
    Please! There are many other US retailers I shop with online who are set up to accept dual billing and shipping.
    I really hope you can follow suit.
    You have a lot of Canadian fans!
    Thank you 🙂

  • Ellen Browe says:

    Why change something that used to work just fine? Where are the clearance items and the new moves way too slow and you have to tap the screen 4 or 5 times to get it to move. Why fix something if it not broken? Try working on the quality and style instead. Bring back the original Vera Bradley.

  • gisela korin says:

    Hi! I am a big fan of vera. I have one purse of every kind but with the new page I have a lot of trouble opening your site. TI’ve been trying for more than 15 days from every tablet or phone i have on hand and the only thing i get is this: JBWEB000065: HTTP Status 404 –

    JBWEB000309: type JBWEB000067: Status report

    JBWEB000068: message

    JBWEB000069: description JBWEB000124: The requested resource is not available.
    Do you know what could be happening?
    I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Kaylee Delacy says:

      Hi Gisela,

      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. We’re still working through a few bugs on the website. Our homepage link should still be fully accessible. Have you gone to


      The Social Media Team

      • gisela korin says:

        I keep getting this answer “ ”
        since you changed your site.
        I am a big fan of Vera and there’s no way I can see your page but from an iphone 7 PRO.
        Solve the problem for me!!
        I live in Argentina and there is no way I can go to a store here.

        • Kaylee Delacy says:

          Hi Gisela,

          Our teams are working diligently to get this corrected! We’re so sorry that you keep having this issue.


          The Social Media Team

  • Kathy says:

    Hate the new site! It takes forever to load and it will not allow you to stop and scroll in a timely fashion! I have been an Avis VB shopper on your site… I think those days are gone!

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