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Vera’s Birthday Game

Vera's Birthday game

The game is now over and a winner has been selected. Thanks to everyone who played! We’ve updated the quiz with all of the correct answers below. How did you do?

Around this time every year, we look back on Vera Bradley’s fun, colorful life and timeless sense of style. We’re celebrating her birthday with a question game to see who knows our namesake the best.

Vera's Birthday game

If you answer all of the questions correctly, you could win a prize! Ready to play? Here are the rules of the game:

1. Comment below with your answers to all four questions.
2. If you answer all four questions correctly, you will be entered to win a prize
3. Contest will end on 8/7 and answers will be posted.

Let’s see how well you know Vera Bradley. Game on!

1 / Where did Vera live?
a. Miami Beach, Florida
b. New York, New York
c. Fort Wayne, Indiana
d. Chicago, Illinois

2 / Vera was a model at one point in her life. What company did she model for?
a. Ralph Lauren
b. Vera Bradley
c. Ford Modeling Agency
d. Elizabeth Arden

3 / What was her job with Vera Bradley?
a. Model
b. Sales Consultant
c. Marketing Associate
d. Designer

4 / What is Vera’s relationship to our co-founder, Barbara Bradley Baekgaard?
a. Mother
b. Grandmother
c. Aunt
d. Friend


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