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How-to: Upgrade Your Rosé

The most memorable summer nights usually involve dining al fresco with your girlfriends. There’s nothing like laughing until the sun goes down over wine and a great selection of cheeses. You always have the best time at these get-togethers, but now it’s your turn to host. Luckily, you’ve seen your share of backyard renovations on HGTV – so your chic patio is ready for guests.

upgrade yoru rosé

Now that the ambiance is set, you need to decide on a menu. We like keeping our sips and sweets simple with three of our favorite food groups: wine, cheese and fruit. If you really want to wow your girlfriends, try an upgrade to your typical rosé. Rosé sangria is a fruity spin on your favorite wine that’s as refreshing as it is easy to make.

upgrade yoru rosé

1 bottle rosé wine, chilled
¼ c triple sec
1 c raspberries
2 peaches
2 pears
Optional: toothpicks

1. Thinly slice peaches and pears. Set handful aside as garnish.
2. Place all fruit in pitcher and pour rosé and triple sec over top. Stir until combined.
3. Enjoy with sliced fruit speared on a toothpick!

upgrade yoru rosé

Whether fruity is your style or you prefer something a little drier, we have a little cheat sheet to make your wine and cheese pairings a breeze.

Rosé + Sharp Cheddar

Riesling + Blue

Chardonnay + Asiago

Moscato + Muenster

Sauvignon Blanc + Gouda

Pinot Grigio + Ricotta

Pinot Noir + Feta

Merlot + Brie

upgrade yoru rosé

Now that you’ve chosen your wine and cheese combination, raise a glass to unforgettable summer nights. For more tips on how to throw a patio party, get your inspiration here

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