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Do you dream of spending the summer surrounded by all things Vera Bradley?  Shruti Sharma, one of Vera Bradley’s summer interns, is living that dream!  Shruti is interning in the Product Development department this summer.
Take a peek into the life of a Vera Bradley intern.

Vera Bradley Intern Profile

Quick Facts:
Hometown: New Delhi, India
College: Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Major: Industrial Design
Favorite Vera Bradley pattern: Lucky You
Hobbies: learning guitar, watching “Friends” and Bollywood movies

What drew you to Vera Bradley?
I’ve owned a lot of Vera Bradley products throughout the years, but the “moment” I was really sold as a designer was when I had a project in one of my classes to take a toy apart and see how it was made. After that project, I decided I wanted to see how Vera Bradley bags were designed and constructed.

What has been your favorite part about working here?
It’s a close tie between my mentor and the people here, with my mentor just a little ahead! The first day, my mentor took me to lunch with a few other people, and we were talking like best friends. I told her I wanted to volunteer at the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer Classic. She offered to pick me up since I’m still getting used to driving here, and we volunteered together. The people have made me feel so comfortable here. Even on the first day, I didn’t feel like an outsider.

Vera Bradley Intern Profile

How did you become interested in product design?
I love to make things with my hands, design, solve problems and work with colors. That’s essentially what product design is.

How does product development fit into the Vera Bradley business?
First, the Trend team picks trends for the season. Once we have the trends, the CAD team develops patterns for that season, and the Materials team works on developing new hardware, trims and fabrications, as well as existing components in new colors. The Design team creates concepts, gets trend translation prototypes made and creates tech packs to send to the vendors for sampling. The Product Development team receives the first samples, reviews them, makes corrections, sends them back to the vendor and repeats the process until everything is finalized. During this process, we ask people to test the products and report their feedback.

What is your summer project?
I’m reviewing all the materials we’ve used for handbags, as well as all the quilting patterns. By the end of the internship, I will have developed a new quilting pattern and designed “halo” (elevated seasonal concepts) bags for Fall 2017. My mentor also helps me learn her responsibilities, takes me to conferences and connects me with other teams.

What is something you think Vera Bradley fans may not know?
We change styles, patterns, colors, trends and so much more every season, and it takes so many people and a lot of time to come up with fresh and unique designs.

What is your dream job?
To be a designer who creates products that really make a difference in this world and in people’s hearts. If that doesn’t work out, plan B is to be an Indian rock star!

If you had any advice for future interns, what would it be?
Learn as much as you possibly can, network and work hard to make your mentor proud.

Vera Bradley Intern Profile2016 Vera Bradley summer interns

Why do you love being a girl?
Girls don’t need to worry if a movie is good or bad … as long as we get to see Shah Rukh Khan or Brad Pitt for three hours!

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