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  • 808pooh says:

    Any word if colorful day is coming back?

  • streets says:

    So disappointed. Colors are redundant. Not a red in sight.

  • BFGreene says:

    I am sorry to hear that LITTLE MANDY is being discontinued. A lot of older women like to have a
    bag that is not real big. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

  • Martine Bykowski says:

    I have a couple of Metropolitan bags and would like to get one in a two toned/black for winter months. This design is so versatile! I love to use it as my purse/tote for work. Please bring back that design. My laptop needs it! 🙂

  • W. Scott says:

    Bring back the Betsy & Little Betsy’s please…..

  • Michele Costa says:

    I live so far away in Massachusetts and I can’t afford to go to Indiana!
    Is there any way to still be able to participate?!?!

    • Janelyn Russo I do not have a website. says:

      I live in CA and buy Vera Bradley when I visit CT. When are you going to have a store in CA? Nonna

      • Meghan says:

        There’s a Vera Bradley Store in Santa Clara! I always buy my Vera online, but now that there is a store close to me, I will have to go there!

    • moira says:

      I feel the same way, I live in maine and would be the first one to sign up.

  • Miss the Stephanie. I love the purses that have the metal rings on the straps for clipping your keys. Like the Stephanie and the Lisa B style.

  • Debra says:

    Campus tote! Campus tote! Campus tote! PLEASE make these again!!

    • Lisa says:


  • S\ says:

    I live in NYS and would love to go to the tent sale…love, love my VB purses…but there is no way I can get to Indiana….would be nice if you could manage some sort of Tent Sale on line for those who cannot get to Indiana….

    • Deborah says:

      I second that comment! I live in Kansas and can’t make such a trip. I too feel that an online sale would be an awesome event. Maybe still having shoppers register and set designated shopping times for each time zone?

  • Trascy says:

    Been coming for the last 5 years. One year you didn’t have session times and it seemed to be less stressed to shop. It seems to be so crazy when there are sessions times.

  • Donna says:

    Looking forward to my second sale. Hopefully will find my pattern-PLUM PETALS-yet. I get sooo many compliments on it and you do not have many purple selections. This is so popular. I really wanted the small backpack in this print and when I saw one on a customer last year I begged her to sell me hers but she would not be swayed, darn.

  • b says:

    How were the prices last year? Can I count on this to be a savings worth the drive?

  • Kim Schramer says:

    I am heading your way with my Aunts hoping to tap into all the great buys I’ve been reading about! Anxious for the Big sale got a long list hope to find lots of bargains and fun too!

  • shannon bruner says:

    Is there a list to see what is going to be at the sale this year?

  • Sue Buuck says:

    Cannot register on-line for tonight’s session.

    • NatalieVB says:

      If you are still have problems with registration, there will be Associates available to help you register once you get to the sale.

  • Gale says: says:

    Please bring back the Little Mandy!!!!

  • Betsy says:

    Very disappointed how rude a lot of older women were toward my self and my children. I had to bring a double stroller as we have a 4 year old and 4 month old. My mother myself and a friend plus and older lady were called line cutters and bad names for waiting by our vehicle and not walking to the end of the parking lot to get in the back of the line. It was hot and a very long clustered line it wasn’t single file and we all got in to the same building with plenty of purses. If we didn’t have a small baby we would have stood in line like we have the last 4 years. This is supposed to be a fun event but felt more like we were in kindergarten with the rude comments. They yelled at other elderly women doing the same thing. Keep in mind you were a child and had small children at one time too so don’t look down on those that still want to have fun with babies. You will also be an elderly person one of these days too..

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