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Material Matters – Pattern Play

Spring 2014 - Pattern Play Tote and Accordion Wallet - Blue Bayou

Soft as leather but strong and practical, our new duo of distinct styles in pebbled PVC are a welcome addition to the Spring lineup. Two members of the design team share more …

Inside Stitch: What inspired this collection?

Lindsay (Senior CAD Artist): This collection was inspired by both our Signature exterior and interior patterns, which are featured on the outside of the pieces. We love the interior patterns and always want to see more of them.

Spring 2014 - Pattern Play Accordion Wallet - Blue Bayou and Clementine

Pattern Play is made of pebbled PVC. Can you talk about why we chose that material?

Liz (Trend Reporter): Textural fabrications are trending right now. We love how this material gives our colors/patterns a new look while staying true to the design philosophies we stand behind; functional, lightweight and easy to clean!

Spring 2014 - Pattern Play Tote - Blue Bayou

How did we come up with the name Pattern Play?

Liz: We knew we wanted to combine the allover and lining patterns on the exterior of the bag, so we let our CAD designers “play” with the patterns until we reached a design we liked. In a way, the name directly relates to the manner of which the bag was designed.

What are your favorite styles from the collection?

Lindsay: I really love the Accordion Wallet. The material never seems to get dirty and I can always find it easily in my purse thanks to the vibrant colors and unique texture of the pebbled PVC.

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