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A closer look: Julep Tulip

Julep Tulip lifestyle

Our third newcomer, Julep Tulip, is a celebration of one of our favorite first signs of spring. Blossoming with shades that elicit thoughts of gorgeous gardens and friendly flowers, this pattern gives hope that warm days are fast approaching. Our Trend Reporter Liz shares more.

Julep Tulip

What inspired it …

This softly structured design, boasting fresh violet, bright magenta and grass green, is inspired by the lavish interior textiles our print designers love to collect. Inside, a stylized garden lattice of woven tonal stripes keeps us grounded. The finished pattern has a hand-panted, almost watercolor appearance that has us thinking of green vines and playful tulips.

Available in …

Julep Tulip fabrications

See the inspiration in pictures. Visit our Julep Tulip board on Pinterest.

Shop Julep Tulip when it arrives online and in stores, along with Blue Bayou, Citron and new styles in Clementine, Thursday, January 9!


  • Julie says:

    I wish this was made in Little Mandy. I won’t be buying as much Vera now that my favorite bag is being discontinued:(

  • marlene says:

    purple is my color,so this is something i would buy for spring,would only add to my many other purple designs i already have,i never get to use them long, because then i buy another print,but i am looking for a style that has more pockets and a middle divider pocket that zips,a medium sized ,with longer straps,most styles that organize r smaller,i like bigger ,but with no organization in the bigger ones,your stuff just gets lost !!

  • Judy Gillies says:

    Another absolutely beautiful colour. Thanks for something new to add to my Vera Bradley collection.

  • Brittany says:

    Reminds me of Lilli Bell.

  • Elle says:

    I really like Julep Tulip! Planning on getting one in the new Carryall Crossbody!

  • ?.sT? says:

    Love the print !

  • Sarah says:

    Julep Tulip is beautiful! I love that the neoprene collection is being made in the inside print (VB’s gorgeous inside prints never seem to get much credit). It’s very cute and summery, reminds me of a picnic, and would coordinate perfectly with a JT purse or tote.

  • Love the lavender! Makes me wish for spring!

  • Kerry says:

    I agree 100% with Marlene. I love the Whitney style because of its zippered organizer sections. But it looks like it’s being phased out because it’s not available in the new colors. I also don’t like how everything gets into a jumble in larger purses and totes. We LOVE you, Vera, but please give us more organization features! : )

  • Carroll V. Weisenberg says:

    Hey ladies … I see that you now have two different … solid black … Vera’s … how about the Mandy … I have been asking forever … PLEASE, PLEASE … Carroll V. Weisenberg

  • LeeAnn says:

    Julep Tulip would be really cute in Little Mandy! VERY CUTE!

  • TerrySnow says:

    The julep tulip print is stunning, but I would love to see it in another color combo such as yellows and greens or blues and greens.

  • Amna says:

    VB please please please bring back the retired colors ( camellia, tea garden, mocha rouge, dogwood, floral nightingale, plum petals) I personally don’t find any of the newer prints as pretty as the retired prints. So not much for me to buy at VB. Please consider bringing them back!!

  • Carolyn says:

    I too love the Julep Tulip print and just bought the Mandy and Stay Cooler with the Neoprene Organizer to keep my beautiful Mandy even more organized, all of which were on sale, plus I bought 4 Pocket Papers because of the great sale price. Well today, I received my order and wow what excellent packing, which because my order was over $75 shipping was free. Thanks for doing what few companies do anymore (package items with care and love). My one dilemma is why do the prices now go up from what they were a few days ago. I know I want to buy more.

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