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Darling, Clementine


Despite the bite in the air and impending flurries, we’re in a bright state of mind. A favorite from Spring is showing up early to chase away the chill of winter and provide a much-needed ray of sunshine. Our Trend Reporter Liz is here to introduce the floral, citrus burst that we call Clementine, available today!


What inspired it.

Spring is all about bold, bright, poppy colors mixed with soft and acidic yellows and greens. Clementine hosts these shades in a pattern that lends almost a hand-drawn appearance. Part ikat, part floral, Clementine features pink, salmon, orange and yellow for a juicy, vibrant visual. It’s cheerful, feminine and brimming with those blazing shades we love for spring. See more on our Pinterest board.

Available in …

Clementine fabrications

Shop Clementine online and in stores

Dress your tech. Cover your mobile device or desktop
in a vibrant Clementine wallpaper.

Clementine Desktop wallpaper

Download: Desktop | Tablet | Mobile


  • denise says:

    very pretty, nice burst of color for winter

  • Lois Maxwell says:

    This is absolutely Stunning, more than Beautiful!! What a gift you at Vera Bradley for creating awesome creations that make it very exciting & very difficult not to purchase each piece!!! Thank You very much, Lois Maxwell

  • Sparky says:

    I feel kind of meh about this one. Maybe because this is a very spring color combination and there is so much snow and ice outside!

  • The Beth says:

    Just bought the wallet & the purse: love, love, love!

  • Elizabeth Myers says:

    The Clementine is so PRETTY. This and the Blue Bayou will cover my entire Summer wardrobe color palate. Just got a new bag in Venetian Paisley and love it. It will brighten the rest of Winter for me! Of the new prints, these are my favorites! Thank you Vera Bradley!

  • Laney says:

    Clementine is my favorite pattern, I love it. Everything I purchase from Vera Bradley is I. This pattern, I adore it.

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