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Lights! Camera! Cuties!

If you browse the captions in our catalogs, you’ll see we often call upon friends and family to pose for photo shoots. So, when it was time to capture Baby, we assembled the most adorable group of new arrivals courtesy of some very proud Vera Bradley parents. The result was the cutest crop of outtakes we’ve ever seen.

Vera Bradley Baby photo shoot
Vera Bradley Baby photo shoot
Vera Bradley Baby photo shoot


  • KC says:

    I am pregnant with my first boy. Is there any boy related Vera Bradley things? I want to carry a VB diaper bag for sure but only if I can get a boy-ish pattern. I love all things Vera Bradley!!

  • Samantha says:

    KC, remember that the diaper bag is your accessory, not your baby’s so it is OK if it isn’t a boy-ish pattern. When I had my first baby, a boy, I thought I had to have a masculine diaper bag and I carried around a dark green and navy bag all year–depressing! With my next child, I realized that I needed a cute bag that would fit baby’s stuff and my stuff because I didn’t want to carry a diaper bag AND a purse. Too much! But there are also times when you’ll be away from baby–for those times I had a smaller bag that I could put what baby would need for that time without having to turn over the bag with all of my personal things in it. A cute little backpack or smaller tote works well for this. But for the main baby bag that you’ll carry when you’re out with baby, get something that YOU like because you’ll be carrying it a lot!

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