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  • Christine Krier says:

    Your bags are practically indestructible and they wash up so well! I’ve not purchased any of the plastic coated bags yet as I am not sure they will survive as well as my quilted Vera Bradley bags. Can you tell me how these PVC products are wearing?

  • Would really like t see a Big Mandy in solid black … I have asked several times in the past … but have had no response .. I LOVE my Mandy … and sure would like to see a solid black one come into existence !!!!

  • angel says:

    I agree with Carroll. I would like to see Mandy in solid black as well.

  • Love the bubble umbrella it makes it so easier to walk with and no bumping into things or people can see where I am going. Thank you.

  • Lowanne Brokaw says:

    Love this bag, but wish it had an outside pocket to hold a water bottle and one for a mobile phone. Often take my old LLBean bag that is not so stylish because it has these pockets.

  • Kat says:

    I believe that a short run of wallets and other accessories in each color’s complimentary color would create a broader customer. Example: the solid blue that plays a main theme in CANTERBERRY COBALT, I can now create any number of combinations. I just often find myself thinking how quickly I find myself shopping other brands to get variety. I love purple but it doesn’t make up 99% of my outfit.

  • Maryrose says:

    I just recently started loving VB. My daughter and her friends turned me on. Unfortunately I fell head over heals for Symphony In Hue. Nothing left on web except 1 bag which I’m ordering. Does it even pay to put SIH on my wish list?

  • Carol Haseltine says:

    I would LOVE to see the Villager back!! I use it all the time and my Paddy purse is out again. THOSE TWO have your trademark quilted inside pockets that I love. Your new ones are thin and I won’t buy them. Quality isn’t there anymore. BRING BACK THE OLD ONES!! OLDIES BUT GOODIES!!

  • Susann Baker says:

    Ditto to the large Mandy in black. Also, would like more denim look designs. Large Mandy is my favorite bag!!!

  • Elaine Scime says:

    How about an animal print in some handbags?

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