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  • Kathy says:

    I miss those hump day, Wednesday sales we used to get in our emails!

  • Julie says:

    While I love Vera Bradley bags and such, I have an observation…the outlet is not a true outlet…they have retail pricing. We shopped the 50% sale today and we were a little disenchanted to see that the regular pricing had changed from just 2 weeks prior. So the sale was 50% off retail…at the outlet! That’s a great sale off retail, BUT it is an outlet. When asked why the outlet was using retail pricing, the employee replied, “Yes, we went to retail pricing to offer a more consistent pricing.” ???? Anyway, I learned a valuable lesson today…don’t bother traveling 2 hrs to the outlet when you can watch for 50% sales in your local shops that carry Vera Bradley and maybe you’ll get even luckier and find true clearance!

  • Krista says:

    Weren’t Bittersweet and Olivia Rose already released?

  • lauri o says:

    I’m an artist and fell in love with the bright colors of Vera Bradley a few years ago. Lately the colors and combinations have been dark and dull.The spark that was the fun part of owning a Vera Bradley purse is fading. Where I used to love all of the patterns …this last year I only liked one or two.Who is designing the new patterns? It seems to be a more urban appeal.Dark and muddy colors instead of the vibrant colors of years past.There is a way to mix deeper colors with brights and still hae a seasonal theme.Also please bring back the large Hobo.I miss it.It seems alot of totes and no hobo…:( Lauri..

  • lilly loves says:

    ikr! well talk about options, the large hipster bag has SO many pockets! its the best bag ive ever had!

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