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Wear. What. How. [Puffy Reversible Tote]

Ladies love options … this, we know. There’s nothing more fun than discovering a style that – with a quick adjustment – offers a completely different look or function. Why add just one style to your collection when you can have two in one? We adore our convertible offerings, and thought you might enjoy seeing all the ways the Puffy Reversible Tote can adjust to your day. These styles are for the girl who loves her options and appreciates beauty and utility equally.

Now … let’s flip the Reversible Tote inside out …

Wear. What. How. Puffy Reversible Tote

Equipped with two totally lovable personalities, it’s easy to match your mood or wardrobe.  Choose between our Signature print or the complementary solid on the reverse side.

Want more? Check out this post on the Convertible Crossbody and be sure to come back next week for more Wear. What. How.

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  • Patricia Schmutz says:

    I love Vera Bradley and have many of your items, but I don’t like that puffy on the plain – actually looks rather cheap to me. Like the quilted patterns 🙂

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