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Material Matters – Perfectly Puffy

Perfectly Puffy

You might have noticed the Vera Bradley Fall 2013 collection features some very exciting new materials for the brand. We reached out to the outstanding design team for the story behind the pretty brilliant new collection, Perfectly Puffy.

Inside Stitch: How long has your team been working on this collection?

Helene K. (Sr. Product Designer): We started looking at different materials a year before Fall 2013 released. We wanted to offer our customers something a little different and fresh, but in our Signature patterns. We looked at many different options – nylon, poly – because we needed something that would show our colors as vibrantly as they appear on our cotton. It had to be shiny, but not too shiny. When we found the one, we loved it so much we decided to offer it in solid colors, too! The inside has our print, which is a nice surprise.
Rachel F. (Trend and Materials Coordinator): The material is influenced by athletic wear. This fall you will see track pants, hats and sneakers as everyday fashion. The fabric was light and had a sheen that caught your eye and set it apart.

Perfectly Puffy - Vera Bradley

Inside Stitch: What words would you use to define this collection?

Helene K.: Fun, light, bright, exciting and very colorful.

Inside Stitch: What were your major influences?

Helene K.: With all the new airline regulations, we are always looking for lightness. And we wanted to do something a bit more sporty.

Inside Stitch: What do you love, personally, about these styles?

Helene K.: First of all, I love the Puffy Reversible Tote. I can have a solid bag with fun prints inside, or, if I am wearing all solid, I can carry it with the print on the outside. It is so light and perfect for traveling. I also wear the Puffy Messenger often. It’s roomy and, again, so light. I can put everything I need in it when I go in the city, and have my hands free to carry all my shopping bags.

Perfectly Puffy Reversible Tote

Inside Stitch: This is a totally new look for Vera Bradley. Why do you think this was the right time?

Helene K.: I think our customers are ready for it. Since we are using our prints, it’s still familiar. It’s still says Vera Bradley and keeps the colorful spirit of the brand.
Liz M. (Trend Reporter): The trend calls for fabrications and styles that are bouncy and light. Perfectly Puffy creates a base for our pattern to be different and still embraces all the qualities that Vera Bradley is known for; lightweight, functional and high quality.
Rachel F.: Our inspiration for the season started with the theme, “Self Expression.” We explored this idea of how people express themselves through clothing, music, beauty and accessories. We wanted to give pieces that would stand out and be loud! So we went there. Taking everything bigger, shinier and bolder.

Perfectly Puffy Backpack

We love it! How about you? You can shop Perfectly Puffy now,
online and in stores.


  • Sabrina R says:

    I’m excited to see these in person!

  • Emily says:

    When will this print come out in different purses, bags, wallets, etc.?

  • Jill Blomberg says:

    I love wearing the Vera Bradley purses, but I want protection from having my identity stolen. Can your purses and wallets be lined so skimming can’t happen to the items inside. It would be a big selling feature. I just bought another brand purse because it had the anti skimming feature.

  • This package is very beautiful.

  • Judy Dotson says:

    I don’t like it but then I’m not a teen or a big traveler either. I have other VB prints but this doesn’t appeal to me even a little bit.

  • Dawn says:

    Love this!!

  • Stacey Nagel says:

    i bought a purple patterned perfectly puffy crossbody bag a week ago at a local store. Final sale , 1/2 price.. within a week, the strap has come apart from the bag. the store refused to do anything saying it was a final sale… I’m very disappointed in this particular bag..loved the pattern and now will have to pay to have a week old bag repaired….

  • Judy Schweer says:

    I bought a new glenna bag and discovered it does not have the usual quilted lining instead it has this nylon cheap looking material. I specifically buy Vera Bradley bags because of the quilted lining. I would send this back except that I bought a hand full of accessories to match. I am so very disappointed!!!

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