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Something to Celebrate in August

Make the month a little brighter with our calendar of events and noteworthy holidays, and find the “special” in every day!

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  • Kristen Huffman says:

    What bag is that shown on August 6 of the calendar? I can’t find it online. Thanks!

  • Isabel S. says:

    when will the newest backpack styles and colors be available?

  • Hi says:

    Barack Obama’s name is spelled wrong…

  • Saanya and Manisha says:

    Hi Vera Bradley! I know my comment has nothing to do with this blogpost but I really wanted to thank you so much for this experience. You guys are awesome! A while back in June, my parents and I were making a trip to Boston. We had heard that a laptop back that you make was being discontinued. I am going to middle school this year and my school gives us MacBooks so I was disappointed that I was probably not going to get that laptop bag I really wanted. My mom and I were out exploring Boston, and we decided to go to the Prudential Center. As we were walking around, I saw a Vera Bradley store and told my mom that we could possibly find the laptop bag there. I love browsing around at the colorful prints and purses so even if we didn’t find the bag, I would have probably convinced my mom to buy me something else (evil grin). As we entered the store, we were greeted by a really nice lady there (I am so sorry I don’t remember your name!). We told her what we were looking for and she told us that the bag that we wanted was actually on a sale! Of course my mother, who is a very frugal shopper, was quite happy that we would get the bag on sale, so she let me get it. While I was trying to pick out which print I wanted, my mom hatched a great idea. I have another friend who is coming to the new school with me, and my mom said that we can buy her a bag too! The lady was incredibly sweet and brought out EVERY SINGLE PATTERN out so I could take pictures of them and text them to my friend. Texting the pictures didn’t work so I Face Timed her. All the while, our helper waited patiently and helped us position the bags on the couch so I could get a good angle of them to show to my friend. My friend was also looking on Amazon to find a pattern she liked. She told our helper and she brought out the pattern so my mom could pay. On top of all of the great service she gave us, our helper even included FREE lunch boxes that were the same pattern as our laptop bags! My mom and I were so stunned at the great service we were receiving. We left that Vera Bradley store so excited and I felt even more pumped for school because I would look stylish and chic! Thank you so much Vera Bradley for doing this. My mom and I cannot believe what an amazing time we had. We will definitely be shopping at Vera Bradley again!

    -Saanya and Manisha

  • debbie says:

    it would be nice if you could make reader sunglasses

  • Beth says:

    Today I called the Green Hills, TN and Ann Arbor, MI Briarwood Mall stores. They were both SO helpful and my daughter’s backpack is on its way. Very nice helpful ladies on the phone!

  • Melanie Love says:

    I am travelling to the Orlando, FL area on Labor Day weekend, the question I have is would I be able to visit the outlet there and get my birthday discount? My sister lives near one of your outlet stores, and is taking me there while I am celebrating my upcoming 50th b’day!~ I will not be near another of your stores for awhile. I live in the Hendersonville, NC area!!~ I get my Vera Bradley from the one and only spot around me, the Merle Norman store in the Blue Ridge Mall.

  • dotmoody says:

    Happy Birthday Vera!

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