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Sunny match

Find some shade in the sun and shield your eyes with vibrant offerings designed to coordinate with our popular Signature colors. But how to choose? Narrow the field with this guide to matching our fetching frames to your unique face shape.


For those with a square face shape, the goal is to avoid hard angular lines that will accentuate your strong features. Soften them with oval, round or cat eye frames.square

Pictured: 1. Adrian in Plum Crazy | 2. Carol in Midnight Blues | 3. Layla in Midnight Blues


For those with a round-shaped face, try a wide- or rectangular-style on for size. You want the arm of the sunglasses to connect at the top of the frame, rather than the middle.Sunglasses: Round

Pictured: 1. Janice in Midnight Blues | 2. Meredith in Jazzy Blooms | 3. June in Go Wild


Oval-shaped faces are typically very well balanced proportionally. Most frames will work in this case, so play around with different options and have fun with it!
Sunglasses: Oval

Pictured: 1. Claudette in Midnight Blues | 2. Trina in Plum Crazy | 3. Elaine in Dogwood

Tune in as Liz on Location showcases our assortment of Sunglass styles.

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