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Love the dorm life

We had a wonderful time walking down memory lane, recounting our college days, and pinning fun, funky decor onto our Dorm Room board on Pinterest. Hopefully, these accessories will inspire your new living quarters. (It’s all about adding color!)

Dorm Room on Pinterest

With the release of our Bed and Bath items on the horizon (Thursday, June 28), we just couldn’t resist a little giveaway! We want you to “throw” out a piece of advice for this fall’s crop of incoming college freshmen. What tip do you think will best help these ladies navigate their first semester on campus?

Comment below with your suggestion and we’ll select five lucky readers to receive a free Throw Blanket, a super-soft Fall favorite.

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for commenting, and congratulations to Logan H., Shelby A., Jinna W., Shawney S. and Izzy!


  • Sparky says:

    Read the assigned books, and take advantage of office hours. Both professors and teaching assistants appreciate it if you put forth the effort, and it will help you learn and remember the material!

  • Amanda says:

    Find a group that likes to cook and take turns cooking for each other. It’s hard to cook for one and eating out all the time will wear you down! The fellowship is great, too!

  • Emily says:

    Invest in a good pair of rainboots! No one likes wet jeans or sliding out of their flip flops. A cute way to brighten up a rainy day and it keeps you dry while walking to classes.

  • Amy Richardson says:

    Make friends with the upperclassmen! They are the wise ones who have navigated all the murky waters and found the pearls of campus life — they know all the best places for food, studying, and having fun. And they only bite a little bit.

  • Liza says:

    Get involved in activities, study, and have fun.

  • A good map and dont be afraid to ask for directions. Not only will it help you get where you need to go but you just might meet a new friend!

  • liz says:

    Do your homework, make friends, have a warm and comfy blanket to curl up in and read a book!

  • Dallas Jo says:

    Make friends, make time for yourself, don’t sweat the small stuff & do go to class…and do get some sleep! There’s plenty of time to explore everything!!! Have fun and make memories!!

  • Kim Tatman says:

    Don’t take this time for granted!!! College offers you some of the best, carefree years of your life. Study hard and take advantage of every opportunity available to you, but also get involved and meet your lifelong friends!

  • I wish this was hear when I was in college. Love the patterns.
    Jennifer B. NYC

  • katie says:

    Always have a tide to go pen nearby!

  • Laura Pettigrew says:

    Study hard, have fun, keep true to yourself and stay connected to your family!!! Keep smiles and happiness in your life by surrounding yourself with Vera!

  • Kaitlin Leppert says:

    As much fun as it might be to stay out late and party, keep up with your studies!

  • Kimberli says:

    Enjoy it, it goes by way too fast!!

  • -- SB says:

    Make sure you get enough rest! And ask lots of questions when you are in class!

  • Jasmine Jordann says:

    Freshman year goes by really fast and can cheat even the most intelligent student. My secret is time management and a Vera Bradley agenda.

  • allegra says:

    I miss those college days, didn’t quite have those vb things!!

  • Lisa M. says:

    Live for every moment — it goes so fast! Oh, and do wear flip flops in the shower — you’ll thank me. 🙂

  • Kristen K. says:

    Check all profs on . It’s a life-saver in helping to avoid ridiculous profs. Also,carry a planner, I favor VB’s student agenda ;), to help keep you in the habit of being organized!

  • Amrita says:

    Get involved. Join clubs and groups. It’s a great way to meet people!

  • Paige says:

    Great ideas for those headed to college this year. Loved having Vera around when I was in college….get involved….have fun!

  • Georgie says:

    Communication is key in every relationship, especially with your roommate. Make sure you talk about your plans and divide certain chores up, like taking out the garbage and helpbthem remember when it’s their turn. Also, keep a detailed calender. It’s easy to lose track of events and meetings!

  • Vicky says:

    Be active in your education. Be involved in class and in the dept of your major. Know your professors.

  • Michelle says:

    The more beautiful the room the happier, more comfortable, and better you will feel about yourself. That will give you the confidence to tackle anything life sends your way!!! Enjoy every moment !!!!

  • calsters says:

    Hang out with people that aren’t in your major! Some of my closest friends I met through gen ed classes 🙂

  • Ursula says:

    Maintain a schedule and make as many friends as possible. Be open to all opportunities and try new things.

  • kararode says:

    Take every good opportunity you can possibly find! Whether it’s a job on campus, an internship, or a volunteer project, you never know what great things will come your way as a result of it. You can make a lot of connections for the future, make new friends, and have a lot of fun!

  • April says:

    Get out and mingle! Make friends for life. Have study groups and enjoy the last 4 years before you have to do the 8-5 thing for 30 years!

  • Anna says:

    Remember that this will all go by really fast. Study (one day you will have to pay back your student loans) Meet new people and expierence as much as possible! (you are going to want to have the best friend from college) And make sure your room is super cute in vera. 😉

  • Stephanie says:

    College will go really really fast so enjoy it. You will not be able to be involved in every club so pick a few clubs you really want to be a part of. Be sure to study that is why you are attending college, but take advantage of all of the free speakers and campus events. I did not really start doing that until my junior year. I know I missed out on some great opportunities.

  • Jeanette H. says:

    Live on campus your first year (if it is not required and is possible). Get involved and find your niche. This will allow you to meet people and really feel apart of the campus community. Study hard and play hard but studying is most important. Always remember you are a student first and to get an education is why you are in college.
    Don’t be afraid to ask for and seek help.

  • crystalcl3 says:

    Always get plenty of rest and make sure you have extra money put to the side so you can buy some new Vera Bradley stuff!!

  • Sharon says:

    Use your time wisely. Before you know it you will be a Senior and want to leave with no regrets. Make great friends, enjoy – yes enjoy your classes. Really take time to get to know your professors – there is so much you can learn from them outside of just lectures. Finally take good care of yourself. Do not get so run down that you lose energy. Most people have to go out and get a job after college and never have the freedom of being a student again!

  • Danielle says:

    Purchase rain boots for rainy day treks across campus! You’ll be thankful you did so, trust me!!! 🙂

  • Brittany G says:

    Style in your dorm…A perfect study environment is one you feel the most cormfortable in…

  • heather says:

    Get out and join groups,
    Get enough sleep,
    Get to class and take them seriously (or you’ll be a senior and regretting it!!!)

  • jen says:

    After meeting your roommates be sure to set boundaries for your dorm room:
    like cleaning one day a week, not to bring any friends in the room after a certain time, different things you agree to so there aren’t unnecessary fights later and most important stay true to your beliefs, don’t go along with the crowd just to win friends.

  • Rea says:

    Go to class, learn something. Don’t look for the professors that are the easiest, look for the ones that everyone loves because they actually teach.

  • Don’t worry about what anyone else things. Just be yourself, enjoy your classes, and have fun!

  • Melissa says:

    Pack lightly but colorfully! Bright colors will help brighten each day. Savor every moment! Life is full of many colors! 😀

  • AmandaCook says:

    Just remember, you are paying for it, professors don’t care if you come to class or not, its your money you’re wasting, so go to class, be involved, and have fun!! It will be over before you know it,then its off to the real world!

  • Leone Bradfield says:

    Enjoy! Be mindful of your living space. You don’t need to take everything you own with you. Study in the laundry room while you are washing your clothes; nobody can take your clothes out of the dryer, it is quiet, and it smells good. Don’t be afraid to question your instructors. You are in college to learn, not be brainwashed. Join at least one group or organization to be part of your college community. If there are coupon books around, grab them. Late night sometimes require pizza. And most importantly . . . Call home just to say “I love you and miss you.” to your family. This is a time of transition, loneliness, and change for them too.

  • Lisa H says:

    I’m a “non-traditional” student. In other words, this is my second time in college and I’m 45 years old and working on my bachelors degree in special education. To the college students just starting out I recommend inviting one of the many non-traditional students to be part of your study group. You can learn so much from each other. The nontraditional student can learn the newest technology and trends from you. And you can reap the benefits of the vast life experiences from him or her.

  • Sheila Ferreri says:

    Get enough sleep….wrap up in that cozy Vera Bradley bedding and make sure you’re up and ready for your early class! My daughter is one of these incoming freshman!

  • Mary Jo says:

    My daughter will be a freshman and she is in love with Vera this would be a wonderful gift for her

  • Katie says:

    My best advice for a college first year is to pack plenty of comfortable items such as blankets, sweatshirts, sweatpants and lots of Vera Bradley items (there’s always a need for Vera). School is very stressful but when you have great comfortable items it makes studying so much easier (and cute).

  • Camila says:

    Positive and beautiful surroundings will always make your trip from home much more relaxing. The bright colors can liven up any mood.

  • Caitlin Davis says:

    Love the college dorm items vera has to offer and all new new colors to make everything bright and pretty.

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