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Feeling inspired: Lake Party

Product Development Trend and Materials Coordinator Rachel Fiorillo, takes us up to the lake with a mood board meant for lazy summer days.

“Summer time in Indiana means weekends at the lake. If you don’t own a lake cottage, chances are you have a few friends who do. This board includes many essentials, including my two weekend staples: a Grand Traveler and Towel in Doodle Daisy.

A great cookout is standard protocol for a summer day by the water. I’ve included a grilling book here, though I confess I don’t even know how to start a grill. However, I am good at buying ingredients and eating! To gather the freshest ingredients, I really enjoy shopping at the local farmers market. I will run there early Saturday morning, and, since Indiana’s known for corn, pick up plenty of cobs and other produce. Grilled corn or corn salsa make a great side.

The sun can be intense, so keep beverages cool in an adorable ice bucket. (Tip: You can chill liquids quickly by adding salt to the ice cubes.) Also, I fear that sometimes a great table setting can get lost in the shuffle of bustling lake activity, but don’t discount the comfort that a few candles (citronella, of course), Placemats, Napkins, fun plates and serving dishes can offer.

Feeling Inspired: Lake Party

What am I wearing? Yes, white shorts! It’s summer at the lake. When else would you wear them? I am a big Joe’s Jeans fan and these fit me perfectly. Evenings by the water can get a little cool, so I like to pair a lightweight sweatshirt with a summer Scarf.

If you, like me, are visiting, it’s always nice to leave behind a hostess gift. The Paddleball Set is something fun and enjoyable for everyone to share!”


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