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Style this bag: Bridesmaids

The mission: This request was twofold: 1) Choose a style that makes a great bridesmaid gift, and 2) Create a complete bridal party look with a particular Vera Bradley color in mind.

Accomplished by: Assistant Photographer Emily Michael

With a growing staff chock-full of wonderful women, we almost always have a few blushing brides in our midst. What a great opportunity to  – well, celebrate, of course – but also to show how the ladies of Vera Bradley incorporate our colors and styles into life’s special occasions!

First to share her style board, Emily Michaels, who’s busy finalizing the details for her July ceremony, to be held in Fort Wayne, Indiana. On her special day, the bride’s two attendants will wear bright purple dresses, and carry vibrant blooms of purple, white and peach. “I love these colors because they feel so bright, happy and summery.”

For this post, Emily chose the Chain Bag style based on its versatility. “This could be day or evening. They can use the chain handle during the day, while they run last-minute errands and get their hair done, and then take the strap off at night for a cute handheld option with plenty of room for their essentials.” For the color, “I love the bright blue with gold. I think it’s classic and fun, with a hint of glitz!”

Style this bag: Bridesmaids (Ellie Blue)

Stay tuned for more installments of Style this bag: Bridesmaids, coming soon on Inside Stitch.


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