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Style this bag: Glamping

The mission: Style a look suitable for glamping and including our Quick Draw bag.

Accomplished by: Liz, of Liz on Location

Glamping week continues with a special installment of Style this bag. We turned to, who else, our Trend Reporter Liz, of Liz on Location, to tackle this particular ensemble. Who better than Liz to pinpoint the perfect combination of fireside fashion and a glimmer of glamour?

Style this bag: Glamping

“I am all about glamping. You can keep that whole ‘sleeping under the stars’ feeling, but with a 1950s-era cabana striped tent and a nice, plush bed to crawl into. I mean, let’s be honest, no one wants to wake up with a stiff back, right? My glamping activities would be mostly outdoors … unless there is good shopping around. In that case, I would hop on my bike and pedal down the scenic routes, with lush forests and waterfronts, to town for a little retail therapy.  Who says you can’t do both?

In my mind, a stylish yet glamper-friendly outfit would be comfortable jeans (colorful, of course), a lightweight button-down shirt, which is such a versatile option, with the sleeves rolled up if it’s a little warm and down if there is a chill in the air. I would bring my rain boots to ward off a summer shower and, lets face it, allow for carefree puddle jumping and trolling around the nearest stream.

Other great things to keep on hand for the less-glamorous elements of glamping: Bug spray, preferably with an inviting scent, hand wipes and a flashlight in case your shopping trip runs late. Happy glamping!”


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