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Summer’s almost here!

The signs of summer are popping up all around us. And now, you can add four more to the tally. We are so thrilled to showcase your sneak peek at our fresh palettes for the season: Doodle Daisy, Lime’s Up, Priscilla Pink and Summer Cottage!


Dress up your desktop with the bright blooms of Summer …


Doodle Daisy


Lime's Up


Priscilla Pink


Summer Cottage


You can shop Summer 2012 when the collection arrives online and in stores Thursday, March 22!



  • Deirdre says:

    I think the new vibrant colors and patterns are appropriate for summertime. I love how Vera appeals to all ages.
    And, I am amazed over the post by Mary-50 yrs old with a 15 yr old granddaughter! You became a grandmother at 35??

  • i simply love VB. The Vera bags are so roomy.Everytime a new collection comes out I buy one. I can’t wait for the pink one and all the accessories.

  • Kayla Lynn says:

    I love Vera. I have for years! I’m only 19, but they are very popular where I go to school. And all my friends here and back home love them too. But I must agree, the reason I fell in love with Vera is because of the classic patterns. I’m young,but I have to with the other women on here, the new patterns are pretty, and I’m in love with Safari Sunset and the brand new Lime’s Up, but I would love to see some of the old patterns make a return. I really miss the Pink Elephants.

  • barb says:

    i also read on one of the website that when the new patterns come out they will cost more also. vera is raising prices 5% and that is on new and old stuff. so raising prices and not made in us. well just what does that have to say to everyone!

    • deezee says:

      I completely understand your feelings. Vera DOES make some of its products in the U.S., but maybe they’re afraid that the other products won’t sell if they highlight the U.S. purses and backpacks. My favorite store has a dedicated VB clerk and she lets me know which ones are made here. As for the rising prices, well, what isn’t rising? I shop smart — and during the sales! (That’s what makes it fun!!)

  • Brandy says:

    Ok I totally love these bags – have been a fan a very long time – have well over 25 purses and other accs. VB- but come on ??? What the heck is up with the changing of the patterns so quickly!!! I can’t even enjoy the new purse I just bought and you are already coming out with “summer” patterns- yes I know that no one is forcing me to buy another purse at the moment – but I just don’t remember it being like this before a few years ago – in fact I seem to remember saying – “gosh it’s taken VB forever – when she gonna get some other patterns on the shelves” but not now they change way way too fast !!!! It just seems ridiculous anymore!
    And charging more for these purses? Some one wrote 5% – seriously ? Come on ! Yes they are nice and nice quality and yes things are going up in stores and the economy sucks and yes people will continue to purchase their VB – but really Vera 5% ? does that really need to be done ? I was once told by one of the ladies that works at the store that I mainly purchase my VB at in Hudson that she felt that Vera was starting to get greedy – I didn’t put too much into it because I generally don’t process information regarding people I have never met – but I am really starting to wonder if this is not the case – I love your things Vera – but I think I Iam going to stick right now to my Burberry and my coach! I can at least justify the price tag of those – and I know their designs will never be redundant and loud and occasionally look like they came from Wally World or Dollar General!

  • Cindy says:

    I don’t care for the new summer patterns, too flowery. Don’t get me wrong, I like flowers, but there are too many patterns using them. I personally don’t care that VB is made in China. They are well-made and of good quality. If they were American made, I believe it would drive the price up. I never buy VB at full price! I love Vera, and I am in my late 40s. My daughter says she sees VB all over her college campus! I think women of all ages can love it, from my niece who is 10, all the way up to 60s and 70s and beyond!

    • Sally says:

      I don’t believe the bags have gotten less expensive since they have been made in China. Whatever VB is saving is not being passed on to the consumer. We need to start caring about where our things are made. We are too dependent on China. I have found some bags at the VB outlet that were made in the USA. Those are the ones I have purchased. There is another brand of cotton quilted bags, very similiar to VB and made here. I’ll be considering those the next time I am in the market for a bag.

  • LRH says:

    I used to LOVE VB. Every season I would purchase a new pattern. I loved the classic designs and the color schemes were so pretty. I’ve certainly spent a lot of money at the VB store. But, I’ve noticed over the past say 3 years or so, the patterns just keep getting uglier and uglier. A couple of this year’s summer patterns are acceptable, but nothing outstanding. Who is selecting these color schemes?? Just down right dowdy and tacky. Also, why China??!! I expected more from this company.

    • Sally says:

      I agree. I still have my “chicken” bag and my Chocolat pattern. I bought a Paprika bag last year on sale because I liked the style of the bag and the fact that it was made in USA. The bags are not as pretty as they used to be.

  • Kathleen says:

    Anxious to see the new patterns and styles in person, you pick a
    favorite on line but when you actually see them in the stores your
    change your mind.

  • Gail says:

    I like Summer Cottage.
    I wish Vera would keep the older patterns around a little bit longer. Right now I’m liking Lemon Parfait which I did not like last summer. Oh well.
    As for Vera being made in China. Get over it. Check out most of your electronics, your computer etc. There is a reason why companies go overseas for production.

    • Sally says:

      I may have no choice with electronics but I do have a choice with my handbags. I have found a brand of beautiful leather bags made in the USA and a brand of lovely quilted cotton bags made here too. I want to support American small business.

      • deezee says:

        Well, remember that a lot of small boutiques here in the US depend on Vera Bradley to stay in business. There are 3 or 4 small boutiques in my town that say that credit Vera with them being able to stay in business in this tough market! Vera is very good to its small retailers.

        • Sally says:

          I’m not just talking about small stores. I am talking about manufacturers who hire people to cut, sew, finish, pack, and ship the bags. I understand the pieces are sent to China to be sewn together. That means costs to ship it over there and back. Why is this necessary? It strikes me as a waste of time and fuel to ship the pieces to China to be finished. I just don’t believe that there are no people here who can do this type of work.

      • deezee says:

        A Vera Bradley rep came to my local store and said that it is VERY hard to find the LARGE NUMBER of seamstresses needed for this kind of work to sustain a manufacturing plant. They already employ 850 seamstresses here in the US. I live in a city with a big manufacturer who makes custom men’s suits and they said that virtually all of their seamstresses are foreign-born and they are hard to replace when they retire. But we can lobby them, can’t we?!

  • rhonda says:

    I have changed my mind. At first my fav was Prissilla PInk and Doodle Daisy. Now looking again I still love the Prissilla Pink ( I always love all the pink patterns!) , but now I like the Lime’s Up better than Doodle Daisy. I am not a big Fan of the Cottage pattern. It is pretty , just not my fav. I love Vera!

  • Shannon says:

    For the “16 yr old, that thinks VB is grannie purses” and that cannot seem to use people’s names when repsonding to what someone has stated….you are truely showing your age, lack of open mindedness, and lack of thinking…..
    Does not matter what YOU think of other’s purses, or handbags….it matters to THEM and what they like!
    If you do not like it, then simply do not look at it, nor purchase it….
    and yes we are here to express our opinions, but there still has to be some manners.

  • Judith Wise says:

    I am 71 years old and I was introduced to Vera Bradley in 1981. I received a darling blue paisley quilted book cover with my daughter’s sorority name on it (Kappa Kappa Gamma) at a Mom’s Day Luncheon at Michigan State University. Shortly after, I was given an eye glass case. Thus began my long love affair with Vera Bradley.
    It is not a well-known fact, but Vera Bradley used to carry clothing too.
    I still have a beautiful cotton paisley skirt and quilted jacket from the 1980’s. I can’t seem to give it up.
    No matter how much they have changed, I have always carried Vera Bradley purses.
    I think the purses, and accessories can be worn at any age and they suit every personality, just look around.
    I do get a little annoyed at how quickly the new patterns are introduced, but they do sell. Again, just look around!
    I too, am annoyed by the fact that Vera Bradley is now made in China, I try to “buy American” but in this case, I do make an exception.
    To sum it up, I am a hopeless fan of Vera Bradley!
    Most of my “old/young” friends and my daughters and granddaughters are fans too.

  • Alexa says:

    Obviously nobody on here is aware of the benefits of outsourcing and how it works. Made in China, Australia, Italy, France… doesn’t matter! I will keep buying Vera because the quality, variety and absolute adorable-ness is constantly bringing me satisfaction! Summer Cottage is on the top of my list for upcoming purchases! So excited!

  • Melissa says:

    In response to those concerned about China, I just want to vouch for Vera and recognize all the amazing things they do for our area and all the Breast Cancer funds they raise as well. They do manufacture here at Fort Wayne and have several facilities that supply lots of jobs. I’m proud and thankful to have Vera in our area! You ladies are doing a great job.

  • Sherri says:

    Does anyone know the name of the first bag shown under Lime’s Up? It looks like a cross-body, zips open, and has a mesh top. I have looked on the VB website but I can’t find it. Thanks for the help!

  • VALERIE says:

    I’m a 48 yr old African American woman who loves VB products and has purchased many items. However, it’s very disconcerting to me that I have never seen in any advertisement, be it online or catalog, that features a woman of color. Any color. It disturbs me that they don’t think enough to market to all women. The only color that should be consistent is green (money).

  • Nedra Bohannon says:

    I happen to be a new VB fan, I’m a young 72 years old and discovered VB through several of my middle school students. I loved the many pockets inside the purses because I was so tired of digging through my purse to find something especially since I’m a organizational freak. But….I agree with the 50+ age fans I like the older patterns. I have almost all Imperial, Make Me Blush, Botanica and yes, I do have and love Happy Snails. All of these in the past year.

  • LA Bramante says:

    I am dissapointed to learn that VB outsources to China. Today the August job report came out and the country is still over 8% in unemployment. I believe that a company like VB, which started in the heart of America, ought to search out American workers — there are many out there who need work. I have many handbags, a couple of travel bags and small wristlets that I’ve been given over the years as gifts or purchased on my own. Given that VB is outsourcing now, I will no longer purchase or request a gift from VB. What does VB say for itself regarding their outsourcing?

  • Deezee says:

    Some VB items ARE made in the U.S. Just ask at the retailers! I think that they should publicize those items. I was told by a company representative that they DO have 850 seamstresses in the U.S.

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