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D.I.Y. Wednesday: Circle Garland

It’s time for another installment of our marvelous, midweek makeovers … D.I.Y. Wednesday! Today, Erin shows us how to repurpose an expired agenda and make it a playful string of decoration to punch up the color in any space.

D.I.Y. Circle Garland

Circle Garland

D.I.Y. Circle GarlandWhat you’ll need:
A Vera Bradley paper item (we used a divider from the same Student Agenda used here),  a bone folder (optional), glue stick, string or ribbon, a pen or pencil, scissors or a large circle craft puncher, and a round object for tracing (we used a Vera Bradley Pencil Sharpener)

D.I.Y. Circle Garland1. Use your pen or pencil, and small round object to trace circles onto the leftover paper.

D.I.Y. Circle Garland2.  Cut out the circles and arrange them in groups of three. (We found a large round craft puncher came in handy.)

D.I.Y. Circle Garland3. Fold each circle in half – use a bone folder if you have one.

D.I.Y. Circle Garland4. Use a glue stick to put glue on the edges of the backsides of the circles. Avoid the crease so that you can arrange the distance of your circles later. Stick the glued side of two circles together, then place the string along the crease before adding the final glued circle.

D.I.Y. Circle Garland5. After you add the third circle, the string should be where the creases meet.

D.I.Y. Circle Garland6. Repeat with the rest of your circles.

D.I.Y. Circle Garland7. Drape and decorate.

Bonus D.I.Y.!

D.I.Y. Gift Tag Cut two extra circles for a cute little gift tag.

Come back each Wednesday for more of Erin’s eco-friendly D.I.Y. designs.


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