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Visions, values and backstory

New members of the Vera Bradley team were invited to Visions and Values, a conversation with Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller, our co-founders, and a small group of other new hires. Here were some of the best Q & A moments:

With which historical figure do you most identify?

Barbara: Sister Parish

What is your favorite journey?

Patricia: Wherever I’m going next. There are so many places I’ve yet to see.

Greatest achievement?

Barbara: The Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer and my children.

Piece of trivia

When they started Vera Bradley, the co-founders each put in $250. They based their business plan on having a strong brand and good customer service, and let everything else just funnel through that foundation.

What’s your favorite pattern of all time?

Both: Something from the new collections.
Patricia: We’re both people who like to move on rather than live in the past. It just keeps getting better and better.

How did you choose the name, Vera Bradley?

Patricia: It was Barb’s mother’s name. You know, if you care enough to put someone’s name on it, that says something.
Vera Bradley, Barbara Bradley Baekgaard's mother

Vera Bradley

Piece of trivia

The Vera Bradley logo is actually the penmanship of a sales representative. She wrote the name in a letter and Barbara and Patricia fell in love with its beauty and imperfections. If you look closely, the “r”s are written differently.

Vera Bradley logo

Piece of trivia

In the beginning, the women worked with a small group of freelance sewers. They would put packets together for them with the thread, fabric and hardware, and the seamstresses would take their packets home and assemble them.

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  • Lutricia A. Merritt says:

    Love the picture of Vera Bradley – she was so beautiful – what a wonderful way to remember someone with such beautiful prints and products that everyone can afford. I can’t wait to make my first purchase this spring when I visit my mother in Dallas, Texas where they have a Vera Bradley store in Allen, Texas. I’m planning on buying a duffel bag which will come in handy with all the traveling I do. I was going to purchase one on-line for Christmas but the color I wanted at the time sold out quickly.

    Anyway – love your products and this story!

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