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  • Janet Vittorio Corica says:

    I bought my first Villager Totes to use as purses in 2005, a brown, black, blue and red. Your Twirly Bird Pink is not, as the picture shows. In person, it is more of a magenta and so close to one I bought in red. I’d not have bought it had I known the two colors were so similar. Also, your new handles are a disappointment. They are so thin and so are your purses. The handles fall so easily and if one has to put it on the floor of the car in the winter, as one has to do when one is a passener, the handles are sitting in dirt and slush.
    You also need to replace your black with a darker color. I bought the black with a white background and your black from 2005 is more appropriate for winter. Makes me think I need to start looking around for thicker purses and thicker handles.

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