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Sneak Peek: Heirloom Paisley

While Modern Medley gave us a bright patchwork and Painted Medallions brought a tribal-inspired design, it wouldn’t truly be fall without a paisley. Meet Heirloom Paisley, the fall print that’s taking things back to our roots. Heavily inspired by our history, Heirloom Paisley has a modern flair and features this season’s “it” color, military-inspired green, playing a dominant role among the pattern’s delightful swirls. Your new favorite pattern arrives on Thursday, August 24, and while the print is bold, it’s never too loud for fall. This pattern offers a vibrant reminder that colors don’t need to vanish along with the summer heat. The eclectic mesh of colors make Heirloom Paisley a pattern born to mix and match, and there are plenty of options in each of our collections to complement this timeless paisley pattern.

Heirloom Paisley
Heirloom Paisley
Heirloom Paisley
Heirloom Paisley

Heirloom Paisley

Heirloom Paisley

What we love most about this time of year is how the temperature has yet to drop, but the warm and neutral hues of fall are finally acceptable for our closets. We adore these khaki, ruffle shorts that match everything and fit this transitional time perfectly. Paired with this Cabernet-colored fringe sweater and gold accessories, this ensemble lets this season’s “it” bag, the Carson shoulder bag in Heirloom Paisley, do all the talking.

Heirloom Paisley

Style your tech
Dress up your phone, tablet or desktop screen with our new pattern:

Heirloom Paisley

Download: Desktop | Tablet | Mobile

See the inspiration in pictures.Visit our Houndstooth Tweed board on Pinterest.

Shop the entire collection when it arrives,
online and in stores, on Thursday, August 24!

3 S’mores Recipes You Need to Try

s'mores 3 ways

Coming off of National Watermelon Day and National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day earlier this month, you likely thought the sweet holidays were over for August. Don’t turn off your sweet tooth just yet, because our favorite treat of all has its own day to shine: today is National S’mores Day, and we’re celebrating by sharing our own favorite recipes. These are no ordinary s’mores — our three recipes are modern twists on the classic favorite that will have you wanting to try one (or two) of each version.

Let’s get started with your campfire essentials. We always begin with a Market Tote for outdoor events since it’s lightweight, durable and easy to clean. In addition to your ingredients, don’t forget skewers and a cozy Throw Blanket for chilly summer nights.

Double Chocolate Caramel S’mores

There are few combinations quite like the marriage of chocolate and caramel. Build this s’more variation the same as you typically would, swapping out your chocolate squares for something caramel-filled. Double the cocoa with chocolate graham crackers for an extra-rich treat.

Chocolate graham crackers
Chocolate covered caramels

White Chocolate Raspberry S’mores

Infuse your s’mores with fruit in this sweet and tart flavor mix. Spread a spoonful of raspberry jam on your graham cracker before adding the chocolate and marshmallow for an unexpected fruity kick.

Graham crackers
White chocolate squares
Raspberry jam

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter S’mores

Nothing makes a mouth water faster than peanut butter. Mix creamy peanut butter with a rich, dark chocolate for a bold flavor combo. Add a peanut butter cup for the ultimate upgrade on a campfire fave.

Graham crackers
Dark chocolate peanut butter cups

Which variation are you excited to try first? Do you have a special go-to s’more recipe? Share with us below in the comments!

Teacher Picks: Best Work Bags

The beginning of August always signals the end of summer and the beginning of the new year — school-year, that is. Whether you’re heading back yourself or just love to refresh your wardrobe and desk accessories for fall, August always seems to spark the creative, organizational energy in us. When you think of school shopping, students typically come to mind — but what about the teachers? Teachers (AKA — real life superheroes) need a bag that can get them from Monday morning to the long-awaited 3:30 bell Friday afternoon. We wanted to know what exactly makes a great teacher bag, so we chatted with three teachers to learn what bag they carry and what features are important to get them through the school week.

Teacher Profile

Name: Caitlin |
Subject: 8th-grade English
City: San Francisco, CA
Favorite bag: Hadley Tote

teacher picks

teacher picks

“As a teacher, I’m always looking for a bag that is durable, reliable, functional and cute! With all of the materials I’m lugging back and forth from school, it’s really important that the straps can withstand the heavy weight of a laptop, books and more. The Hadley Tote is the perfect teacher bag because it ticks all of those boxes — it’s durable, has plenty of pockets to hold pens, post-it notes and binder clips, and it’s stylish. I also love that I can wash it should I happen to spill something. It really is the quintessential teacher bag!”

Teacher Profile

Name: Jess | here & now
Subject: 6th-grade Engineering
City: Denver, CO
Favorite bag: Laptop Messenger Bag

teacher picks

teacher picks

“As a middle school teacher, my perfect workbag would resemble the one Mary Poppins carried, but in lieu of that, I look for pockets, function and of course, how it looks. If I’m going to carry it every day, it has to pop with my teacher outfits. The Laptop Messenger Bag is perfect for teachers because it has a pocket for everything, so nothing gets lost in the abyss! I love the padded laptop compartment, stylish yet durable fabric and the surprise interior print — it makes me smile every time I lift the flap! Vera Bradley truly marries form and function in this bag, so I can be a better teacher when everything is perfectly organized.”

Teacher Profile

Name: Kelly |
Subject: Dance
City: Dallas, TX
Favorite bag: Lighten Up Grand Backpack

teacher picks

teacher picks

“I’m constantly on-the-go, so it’s super important for me to have something to carry around that can keep everything organized. As a dance teacher, I want a bag I can always depend on, that’s versatile and can hold a lot of items from binders and choreography notes to music, shoes and layering pieces. Cramming all of this into a small tote bag can be nearly impossible, not to mention bad for my back! I love my new Lighten Up Grand Backpack since it can carry everything I need and keep it all organized. There are many small pockets where you can keep an ID, phone, charger and anything you would typically keep in your purse. I can’t wait for the new year to start so I can use this every day!”

Calling all teachers
what is your favorite teacher bag? Share below in the comments!

Shop our new arrivals to find the perfect bag for your closet this fall.

Monthly Edit: August

August is one of those tricky “in-between” months where it still feels like summer, but you’re in the fall mindset. Whether you’re going back to school or just refreshing your wardrobe out of habit, August is always a busy month, and it can be hard to keep up. Girl, we feel you. Stay in the loop by jotting down the five things not to miss this month!






What are you looking forward to most this month? Share below in the comments!

How-to: Mix or Match Your Patterns

love to mix and matchWhen it comes to wearing patterns, there are two types of people — those who love to mix and those who love to match. Both camps tend to feel very strongly which styling is the right way, but we’re not here to judge. We believe how you choose to wear your patterns is entirely up to you, so we’re making it really simple. Each pattern this season is offered in every Back to School style, so if you love everything to perfectly coordinate, you can buy a backpack, lunch bag, lanyard, zip ID and crossbody all in the same pattern. If matching isn’t your style, you can mix it up with our coordinating patterns.

Which team are you: Team Match or Team Mix? We’re sharing our outfit inspiration for both mixers and matchers and an easy cheat sheet to reference when selecting a coordinating pattern.

love to match

You feel your best when your patterns are perfectly paired and consistent from your tote to the throw blanket on your bed. This rings particularly true when selecting your back to school essentials. If you want your pattern to shine, we recommend wearing denim or chambray. A chambray dress serves as the perfect “blank slate” for you to decorate with your new Modern Medley styles.

love to mix

You believe there is such thing as matching too much, which is why you like to mix it up. Playing by the rules has never been your style, so feel free to mix florals with stripes and plaids with polka dots! We’re firm believers that stripes go with EVERYTHING, so you’ll have no trouble coordinating your Falling Flowers bag. Switch things up with Falling Flowers Neutral in a coordinating accessory and feel free to go crazy with this adorable polka-dot agenda.

coordinating pattern cheat sheet
coordinating pattern cheat sheet
coordinating pattern cheat sheet

Need more style inspiration? Current intern and lifestyle blogger, Kalynn shares how she’s transitioning her backpack from campus to the workplace.

Which Backpack Fits Your Personality?

With all of our options for backpacks, it can be difficult to select the one that is perfect for your personality. Take this quiz to find out which one of our five backpacks fits your lifestyle.

 1. The one thing always in my backpack is …
A. A coffee card
B. A notebook
C. A laptop
D. An extra pair of shoes
E. Everything but the kitchen sink

2.  The most essential thing to bring on a road trip is …
A. A good playlist
B. Snacks
C. Nook/Ipad for entertainment
D. A great book (or two)
E. Several cute outfits

3.  I’d describe my style as …
A. Casual and playful
B. Simple and sporty
C. Feminine but practical
D. Fashion-forward yet functional
E. Classic chic

4. My favorite class in school is/was …
A. Photography
B. Exercise Science
C. Math & Science
D. English & Literature
E. Art History

5. On the weekends you'll find me
A. Brunching with my girlfriends
B. Outdoors, exploring new adventures
C. Catching up on my favorite Netflix shows
D. Always on the go — so much to do!
E. Traveling to new places — near or far


Mostly A’s: Small Backpack

Small BackpackYou need a trendy bag that can keep up with your fun lifestyle. The Small Backpack features enough pockets to keep you organized, but won’t slow you down when you’re running around town.


Mostly B’s: Grand Backpack

Grand BackpackYou are no-nonsense when it comes to your bag and need a water-repellent option that is built to last.  The Grand Backpack has all the space you need to pack for activities, yet lightweight enough to wear all day or weekend long.


Mostly C’s: Campus Tech Backpack

Campus Tech BackpackAlways connected, you inevitably know about the latest gadgets and apps. The Campus Tech Backpack has a specific spot for all of your gear and features a trolley sleeve so you can take it on every trip.


Mostly D’s: Iconic Deluxe Campus Backpack

Iconic Deluxe BackpackOur newest style is for the trendsetter of every squad. Everyone looks to you when it comes to fashion, so keep it up by trying a piece from our new Iconic collection. The Iconic Deluxe Campus Backpack puts a modern twist on our classic silhouettes with added functionality.


Mostly E’s: The Rolling Backpack

Rolling BackpackWeekend getaways or cross-country trips, you’re always gone and need a backpack that doubles as a suitcase.  The straps tuck away when not in use and a telescoping handle pops up to transform this backpack into a bag on wheels. Try it on your next trip, whether it’s to commute or to Cabo!


Now that you have the backpack, it’s time to check everything else off your list! Download our printable back-to-school checklist, just in time for the new year.

BTS checklist

How-to: Wear Your Backpack Off Campus

When most people think of backpacks, they immediately think of school. You carried one for years throughout grade school and college and haven’t thought about it since. We may be biased, but we love to wear our backpacks post-grad for weekends, errands and travel. These hands-free styles are convenient, carry everything you need and let you focus on the important things (AKA — your iPhone and iced chai). Vera Bradley Campus Ambassador, Kalynn from Ohio State, is transitioning her style from campus to the workplace. Currently a Digital Marketing Intern for Victoria’s Secret, we talked to Kalynn about the backpack she’s using for her internship and how she’s styling it for the corporate world.

“I’m Kalynn, an incoming senior at Ohio State University and lifestyle blogger at Kalynn Elizabeth. When I started my blog, I discovered my love for fashion and marketing. I enjoy styling, traveling and creating content, which led me to my internship at Victoria’s Secret.”

how to wear your backpack off campus

“This summer, I’m Victoria’s Secret’s Digital Marketing Intern at their headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. I am working on some exciting projects that are challenging me in new ways. Every day is different and I love it!”

how to wear your backpack off campus

“The office is about a 30-minute commute. Between working late or meeting up with friends after hours, I’m on-the-go all day and need a bag that can carry A LOT of stuff! Basically, I live out of my bag, which is why I’m carrying the Gallatin Cargo Backpack. I can carry my essentials — a padfolio, notebook, agenda, pens, water bottle, phone charger, wallet and a snack — as well as my trusty umbrella since Ohio weather is so unpredictable. Carrying a backpack is essential to keep my hands free for carrying my coffee and packed lunch!”

how to wear your backpack off campus

“Our office attire is business casual, so I like to keep it simple and comfortable for the workday. I typically wear neutral pieces layered with a blazer and minimal jewelry. These outfits work well to take me from the office to happy hour as easily as shedding the blazer and adding a pair of heels. Keeping it neutral means I don’t have to change work bags, and my backpack will coordinate with everything in my wardrobe!”

how to wear your backpack off campus

“My internship has taught me that the key to confidence is dressing for success. My office style is comfortable but pulled together, so I can focus on my job and not fuss with my outfit. Just add a watch and a killer workbag and you’ll feel like a total girl boss! My experience has also taught me not to be afraid to speak up. Put your heart into your work and people will notice.”

Shop Kalynn’s internship essentials:

Get the look:

Gallatin Cargo Backpack*   |   Travel Mug   |   13 Month Student Agenda

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