2013 Agenda in Canyon

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SKU #12347130  | Agenda: 7" x 9" x 1 ½" Address Book: 6" x 8"

Keep your dates crystal clear and penciled into this 18-month planner. With laminated tabs, two built-in pockets, a removable bookmark, stickers and an address booklet, you'll have everything in one tidy place.

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  • 18-month agenda (July 2012 - December 2013)
  • Includes laminated tabs, two built-in pockets, a removable bookmark, stickers and an address booklet
  • Cover made from 30% - 100% recycled paper

Carry this color and show your support for breast cancer research. Learn more about the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

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Customer Reviews

2013 Agenda 3.4 5 19 20
Please go back to your original design. I have used the Vera Bradley Agenda and still have the one from 2009 in Frankly Scarlet on my desk for notes, email addresses, etc. This book has a spiral wire (like a thick notebook) to bind the pages together. Perfect design! I use this book every week and it's never fallen apart. The newer style is not as sturdy, therefore, I sadly regret not purchasing one for next year. Please go back to your prototype and then I will add your VB Agenda to my list of to-dos! March 14, 2013
Fall Apart I am a student that likes to keep up with homework. This is a perfect thing for that but it fell apart half way through the school year! The top cover is about to come off! I would by a nice one from another store because this will not hold up. Also if you drop it, everything will come out. The three rings will open up and all of its contents will go everywhere. January 24, 2013
Blech I had loved my previous vera bradley planner that had the spiral on the side and was super excited to try this one. However, the cardboard is cheap and ripped in my backpack within two months! same as the cardboard binder. It ruined so easily. The features such as lines instead of plan boxes on the day to day planner were fantastic, but the cardboard was such a disappointment :( December 21, 2012
Wish I Could give ZERO STARS I bought this agenda after reading some of the positive reviews. This agenda is horrible! First it was defective, I received it and it was missing the month of march 2013 entirely. Unacceptable for the price! Also, the windows for each day are so small I can't write all of my schedule. The large binder rings make it awkward to write on either side of the small calendar pages and I don't want to have to remove each sheet to write important dates. I bought this at the beginning of the school year for teaching and it had to be replaced. It's bulky so it takes up too much space in my laptop bag as well as awkward to carry around to meetings. I will never buy another one of these or ever recommend one of these agendas to anyone. I recommend that Vera produces an academic planner with college ruled paper (lines on it) and soft binding so it easily fits in a laptop bag or tote without taking up too much space and can be easily written on. December 15, 2012
Loved Angenda 2011 - 2012 I had no issues with my Agenda, used it for 2 years, no cracking spine binding, cover still looks great. Just wish you had refills for 2013 - 2014. But I just may use it as a binder for other things and get a new one. December 11, 2012
Very useful, but very pricey. I really like this planner because the interior has a very nice and playful design. The layout is really nice and definitely keeps you organized. It's nice to have this binder style organizer because there are pockets for me to stuff notes or pieces of paper in, however because it's a binder, it's kind of bulky. Also because it's made out of a cardboard paper material it can easily get ruined, like mine got ruined when it got wet in the rain. As much as I like this planner, the price doesn't really justify this purchase. I wish I got the student planner because it's a lot more compact and also a lot cheaper. November 29, 2012
Great agenda for the student This agenda was great during my school year. It has performed amazingly even in the toughest conditions.... literally. Everyday I stuff it into my campus backpack, and the edges are only slightly worn. I considered getting the student agenda but I thought the binding would help protect it... I was so right, I love this product, adn it is absolutely great, everywhere form the design to the price.... TOTALLY THE BEST AGENDA IVE EVER PURCHASED! November 3, 2012
Bad spine but beautiful I received this in the mail as a gift. I opened it up and the calendar fell out of the folder, literally the metal binder fell out of the spine. Vera needs to put few extra bolts to hold the weight of the binding or use more sturdy bolts. If it doesn't stay together long enough for me to open it, it won't last through a year. Gorgeous though. October 22, 2012
I use it all day, needs some reinforcement. I have my whole life in my agenda. I use it for all of my planning, note keeping etc. My planner is perfect now, but I had to add allot to it to make it truly usable for my needs. I covered it with clear contact paper before I even used it which was a pain, but I like things to last. I added two agenda sized plastic zip pouches for misc papers and important documents, I don't use the flimsy card stock book mark it came with and instead found a plastic one made for agendas. I also made my own pencil loop and glued it by the inside spine . It would be awesome if next year's Agendas were more laminated and durable, had a place for a writing utensil, a sturdy plastic book mark and an extra zip pouch for loose odds and ends. Despite the d.i.y upgrades I love it and will purchase a new one next year. I have my fingers crossed for a more efficient 2014 version. October 17, 2012
Ribbons I would love to have this in ribbons! I would also love to see the desk calendar in ribbons. I have the desk calendar in Mocha Rouge on my desk at work and I need a 2013! Love this planner! October 17, 2012
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