Perfect Match Pen and Pencil Set in Very Berry Paisley

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SKU #11290063  | Box: 2½" x 6½" x 1"

Our Perfect Match Pen & Pencil Set has you covered. The Ball Point Pen and Mechanical Pencil make the cutest pair in an elegant box with magnetic flap closure. Both are refillable (yay for being green!) and will be ready and waiting when inspiration strikes.

Details & Care Tips


  • Pencil uses .5 mm lead
  • Pen accepts standard refills
  • You will always be prepared (kind of like the Boy Scouts, but way more stylish)
Very Berry Paisley

Carry this color and show your support for breast cancer research. Learn more about the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

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Customer Reviews

Perfect Match Pen and Pencil Set 3.5 5 13 13
Okay... I got the set for Christmas and in Water color and the pen is amazing but the pencil is terrible the lead consistently gets stuck and it is terrible, so if I were you then I would just buy the ballpoint pen and a box of pencils January 16, 2014
pen and pencil set The colors are beautiful. They appear very well-made. The pen is perfect. But the pencil---no so much. It takes very thin lead so it breaks easily. And after a few uses it simply wouldn't take new lead anymore. It's now useless. It would probably be better to purchase just the pen. July 13, 2013
Other reviews don't do it justice This product is fantastic. I love both the pen and the pencil; after reading other reviews I was hesitant to buy the set because of people saying that the pencil breaks after using all of the lead, but that can't be true. I had trouble at first, but you just have to learn how to replace it PROPERLY. It's very easy to unscrew something tiny and mess it up yourself, but I guarantee most of the ones reviewed were NOT broken. I fixed mine and knew how to replace the lead after half an hour, so yes, I'd say they should include instructions, but it will not break on you. I'm an avid writer. I often have trouble writing with .5 lead, but the tip of the pencil makes it very easy, even with my heavy hand. Lead breaks much less often than it does with my other pencils, which I LOVE. They're thinner than I thought judging by the picture, too, but still comfortably heavy. Overall, 9/10 just because of how complicated the pencil is. I love my pen and pencil and will be using them daily from now on :) January 15, 2013
great pen and pencil! i love the pencil it works perfectly. and i love the pen to its awesome! September 24, 2012
retired version TERRIBLE! Newer version i LOVE! i bought the pen and pencil set and after the lead ran out i refilled it with .5 like it says and it wouldn't go in so i called costumer service and they said to go to the store. so i went to my Vera outlet and got a whole new set because they said it was "broken" and after i ran out of the lead again in the new pencil, no new lead would go in. so then i went to the Vera store and they gave me a brand new set in any pattern(i chose doodle daisy) and i love it so much, I can put my lead inside! so i wouldn't buy the retired pen and pencil set. spend the extra $10 and go for one that wont break. the pen is awesome though, writes beautifully! April 7, 2012
Pencil bad... I purchased the pen/pencil set for my granddaughter. The first set that came, the led continued to break. When taking the top off to use the eraser, it was not there, but stuck up in the top. Sent it back and reordered. In the second set, the led would not come down at all.. The eraser was also stuck up in the top. I have purchased the lone pens and they are great. March 5, 2012
LUV IT<3 i absoutly LOVE my pen and pencil combo and its perfect for school bc in some subjects u use a pen and others a pencil. i have never been dissopointed with a vera product before and i probablly wont bc vera bradely is great and very stylish...LUV IT July 20, 2011
HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! Do not get it!! The first time I used both of them, they broke.Plus once it broke, I couldn't fix it!! :( July 8, 2011
Love the Pen...Hate the pencil The pen is awesome...writes beautifully. I have two pens in different patterns. I've used one of the pens so much that I've had to replace the ink! I replaced it with Cross brand refill. As for the pencil....the lead that comes in the pencil constantly breaks when you try to write with it. I went to replace it with 0.5mm lead and it took me an hour to figure out where to put the lead! Once replaced, it will not feed the lead...I can't figure it out. Maybe it takes smaller 0.3mm lead?? They need to print up some instructions to go with the pencil. I would probably LOVE the pencil if I knew what kind of lead to put in it. Just load the pencil...pull the top off and then use a pair of pliers to pull the white lid straight up and off. Slide lead down the hole and replace both pieces. May 5, 2011
makes me so happy when i look at it i was so happy when i got them ! they are so beautiful and look great on my desk at school . May 4, 2011
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