Holiday Ornament in Venetian Paisley

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Deck the halls with Vera Bradley! This hand-painted ornament is meant to be admired - dangle it from the garland, hang it from the holly or nestle it inside the tree. With a decorative box and dated “2013,” it’s instantly giftable - for the hostess, teachers, family and friends.

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  • Hand-painted glass
  • Features designs from Venetian Paisley, embellished with glitter
  • Dated “2013”
  • Silver-toned cap
  • Decorative box
Venetian Paisley

Carry this color and show your support for breast cancer research. Learn more about the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

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Customer Reviews

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Price stayed the same, and the quality took a dive I have just about every ornament Vera has made (I think my oldest is Raspberry Fizz or Mediterranean White) and if this is where the ornaments are going - I'm done collecting! Like others have said - the 2013 ornament was made cheaply and the packaging was horrid! Absolutely the worst Vera purchase ever and I hope the big wigs at Vera see these reviews and go back to the older style of ornament! February 18, 2014
Disappointed I began collecting Vera Bradley ornaments in 2010, and I was looking forward to this year's ornament. What a disapointment! The ornament was cheap-looking, and the glitter was a 'no-go.' My collection will end at 2012. January 25, 2014
VERY Disappointed Every year, I look forward to see what colors the Vera Bradley ornaments will be. My husband made me a special rod to display them this year. I was so excited to add to my collection with my new display. Sadly, I was extremely disappointed in this year's ornament. It looks very cheap and out of place compared to the rest of my collection. I especially did not like the glitter and the cardboard box. Please consider going back to the style and packaging that you had in past years. This was truly the first time I have EVER been disappointed in Vera Bradley. January 12, 2014
Disappointed in 2013 ornament Every year my husband buys me all of the Vera Bradley ornaments and I have a tree in my formal living room that is dedicated to just my beautiful Vera Bradley ornaments. I receive compliments on it from everyone that walks in my house but boy was I disappointed this year to receive just one ornament that was poorly designed, looked cheap, and the box it came in was extremely cheap. I would not even call it a storage box as it offered no protection for the ornament. Please go back to making good quality ornaments and storage boxes. Thanks! January 6, 2014
VERY unhappy!!!!!! I am so unhappy about the 2013 ornament! I have been collecting them for several years now and could not wait to see which colors where selected for this year...and when I saw it I was shocked! I love all Vera products and am rarely unhappy with anything but this ornament was a joke! It is VERY cheaply made and came in that cheap box. What happened???? And to charge the same price as the old ones is a shame! I do hope that this will be changed back to the old style! PLEASE!!!! January 5, 2014
Not even worth a 1 star rating... I am beyond disappointed in the 2013 Vera Bradley Christmas Ornaments. I collect the ornaments every year and my sister-in-law got me this year's ornaments. I thought it was a joke. They came in a cheap box and looked as though they were something that was picked up at a big box store. I am a huge Vera Bradley fan, and this has seriously put a horrible taste in my mouth. I am disgusted that Vera Bradley would put something out that could be compared to a cheap version bought at any regular store. Why in the world did the design get changed? This is ridiculous. I have spent so much money on high quality products from this company and now I feel like I will forever question if any of the products will be worth what I pay for them from here on out. I am disappointed beyond belief. I would not recommend purchasing this item as it is not even comparable to the ornaments from past years. Let's hope that Vera Bradley listens to their fans on this and that the 2014 ornaments will be better. January 4, 2014
Very disappointed I have been collecting these ornaments for years and have over 20 of them on my tree. Each year, my sister, mother and I wait in anticipation for which colors will be featured on the ornaments. I was so disappointed and saddened by the poor quality and look of this years ornament. PLEASE go back to the old style and quality of ornaments!!! So sad that our tradition was not continued this year and my tree is missing five new beautiful Vera ornaments. December 28, 2013
Extremely disappointed I started collecting these for my daughter several years ago and I can't describe how disappointed we both were with the 2013 ornament. Please return to the old style next year. This new one is cheap, the box is cheap and it is no different than something you'd buy in a big box store. The thing that was wonderful about the previous ornaments was that you could tell by the box and the ornament itself how special it was. Please, please, please go back to the original ornaments and boxes next year! December 26, 2013
I thought it was a joke.... I collect these ornaments. I LOVE these ornaments. I thought my husband was joking when I opened this up.....It truly looks as though he could have used glitter stickers to make it himself. This is so far from the quality and design from the rest of my collection that it made me want to cry. How can I possibly display this on my Vera-only Christmas tree?? I am so relieved that when I came on this morning to comment that this ornament is available for a much lower clearance price, and not even lumped with the "real" ornaments. I hope that the designers this year got the hint and will remedy this situation next year!!! What a disappointment. December 26, 2013
VERY Disappointed and Angry I have already 7 ornaments from Vera from multiple years and have saved every box that they have come in. Every year I look forward to receiving this gift from my family and this year, I would have to sadly say, I was HIGHLY disappointed in my ornament. In the past Vera ornaments were painted from the inside and you could see the pure work and skill that was put into each beautiful creation. To top off the amazingly high quality the ornaments even came in a decorative box that you could reuse for multiple things. I use all of mine everyday. This year's ornament, however, was a disgrace. Honestly, I could have made this ornament. It was cheaply made and truly poor quality, it was painted from the outside and had glitter...It looked like a child painted it AND there was no box, it came in plastic. Also, every year Vera would come out with multiple options of ornaments and this year only came out with one. If Vera keeps this kind of ornament style for next year, I am sad to say, they will be losing me as a customer of their ornaments. To anyone who wants to buy this product I don't recommend it at all. It is far too overly priced for the awful quality. Vera change back to your old ornaments, too many people are not happy with your change. December 25, 2013
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