On That Note in Lilli Bell

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SKU #11425142  | Caddy: 4" x 6¼" x 1½" Large Note Sheet: 3⅝" x 5¾" Medium Note Sheet: 3⅝" x 4¾" Small Note Sheet: 3⅛" x 3¾" Pen:¼" x 4"

Need to make note of something? No problem! This product is versatile, with a clever desktop stand and hidden magnet on the back, this little stationery staple is always in a convenient spot. It even includes a pen.

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  • Desktop stand with hidden magnetic back
  • Holds 150 loose note sheets divided among three designs
  • Includes mini pen

Carry this color and show your support for breast cancer research. Learn more about the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

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Customer Reviews

On That Note 4.3 5 6 6
A fantastic product that is great for many uses! I purchased this product in Limes Up with some concerns about the strength of the magnet on the back, but as it turns out, it is very strong and holds to a fridge or locker wonderfully! The magnet is hidden on the back panel of the holder so that you don't feel the magnet if you run your fingers across the back. The little designs on the corner of the notes are very vibrant as well as the colors on the holder. I especially love the mini pen. Like the regular sized pens, one half of the pen is the pattern found on the outside of the purses and the other half is the pattern found on the inside of the purses. I personally think Vera Bradley should sell the mini pens as a separate product or have them come in a three or four pack. The mini pen is great to throw in a purse or pocket. Overall, this product is great for the office, to keep by the telephone, put on the fridge, or for a student to put in their locker. August 4, 2012
A Perfect Gift I saw this combo and thought it would make the perfect birthday gift. Love the three sizes of paper each with their individual motif. I thought when the notes were used up the holder would be a great place to hold letters or mail. Love the litte cubby for the pen. A place for everything and everything in its place. :) July 12, 2012
Versatile notes! This cute little holder can hang on your fridge/file cabinet or sit on your desk! I like that it comes with a pen too! The three different sizes of paper are nice, though I wish they were sticky-notes instead. The magnet seems very strong to me, but I have it sitting on my desk, and it is sturdy enough that it doesn't fall over! January 26, 2012
Disappointing The magnet in the back has no strength at all. It wouldn't stick to anything; a paperclip weakly stuck to it. I prefer the previous version of this item in which one of the pads of paper was a Post-it Note type pad. This model just has loose pieces of paper in different sizes. October 12, 2011
Versatile and Attractive I have one of these hanging on my file cabinet and the magnet is very strong. I also like the fact that you can stand it on your desk. I hope you will consider making the mini pen available as a separate product, as it fits nicely in a smaller Vera purse. March 31, 2011
good item This is a great pen. i like how it comes with a pen and includes notes. Some of my notes that aren't the ones provided also fit in it. Thumbs up product. No cons. March 30, 2011
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