Travel Mug in Clementine

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SKU #12939152  | 16 oz.

Add a little color to your morning commute with this vibrant 16-ounce travel mug. The large size holds more of your favorite beverage and keeps it warm or cool for hours.

Details & Care Tips


  • Holds 16 ounces of liquid
  • Keeps liquids cool or warm
  • Flip top closure
  • BPA-free
  • Hand wash
  • Cannot be microwaved

Care Tips

Hand wash only, do not microwave or put in dishwasher
Flower ShowerPetal PaisleyFanfareFlutterbyBlue BayouClementineCanterberry MagentaHeatherMidnight Blues

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Customer Reviews

Travel Mug 2.8 5 27 27
Leaked & paper is fading I purchased this mug as a gift for my daughter. On her first use, it leaked through the mug and the paper became wet and crinkled. I took it back to the store where it was purchased and they said that it is not leaking and they would not refund my money. This mug has never been submerged in water or put in a dishwasher. Now the mug sweats inside the glass and the paper inside is fading. Very displeased with this item, especially since we have many Vera items. August 25, 2014
Love it! I love my travel mug! I have it in Midnight Blues and have had zero trouble from water damage. Granted, this is not a mug I use everyday. My favorite part is that the lid is very secure, unlike other travel mugs I have purchased. July 26, 2014
Handle with Care I bought this mug at the beginning of my senior year, and by Christmastime, it was ruined. I used it everyday for tea in the morning, hand washed it every other day, and made sure I was extra careful while handling it. It survived being knocked over a few thirty-something times just fine, but it fell out of my backpack's side pocket one time and cracked the exterior. I figured it would be just fine, but once I got it inside to pour the hot water in, it was ruined. The water had seeped through the crack and penetrated the decorative paper. I was very upset, because it was one of the best travel mugs I had ever purchased! If you are thinking about purchasing this Vera product, just be sure to be careful. July 23, 2014
Leaked through unto the decorative paper After one use, leaked through onto decorative paper. It was rinsed only before use and only rinsed thereafter. After 4 uses the decorative paper deteriorated and made a small hole visible. I stopped using it and hoped the chemicals in the paper have done me no harm. It was a birthday gift from my sister-in -law who always gives me nice things. I am going to try to have her money refunded and give the money bake to her. On a more positive note, she gave me a matching bird key ring and it is oh, so cute! June 8, 2014
Hear the Angles singing with this mug! Oh.. my... gosh! This mug is just so awesome, I can't describe it to it's extent. I will try. Okay, so I use this mug for practically anything, and mine is in Clementine. Make sure you wash it by hand or it will fill with water. Ignore what everyone else said about it doesn't work. They have no idea what they are talking about. No time to explain; just get one. May 15, 2014
Haven't had any problems I use this for hot beverages. Haven't had any leakage problems. I hand wash it only. Even ordered 2 more as gifts ! March 22, 2014
Fabulous This cup is simply divine. I use it during interrogations, job interviews and while I watch "How I Met Your Mother." I'm so happy I finally found a product that works for me! March 13, 2014
condensation is a problem While the mug is pretty before you use it, condensation quickly forms between the layers and you cannot see the design well. I always washed it by hand and this still happened. It is not worth the money or really any money. March 6, 2014
Very Poor Quality - Broke before first use I received this travel mug as a gift. I hand washed it as instructed (don't own a dishwasher anyway) and condensation formed in the inner layer where the design is. I went to use it and realized the the outer layer was not attached to the inner layer. The design paper inside got wet. I am very disappointed in the quality of this mug. I never got to use it!! February 8, 2014
Liquid under the clear plastic within two weeks! Loved the color and was very excited. Must be handwashed-which I did but within two weeks of using it slightly less than daily it got tea in between the design and the plastic and its just gross now. Definitely not worth the money. It was never dropped or put in dishwasher/microwave. Very sad as it was a Christmas gift from my daughter. February 6, 2014
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