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SKU #12928144  | 22" x 52" x 2 ½" with 5" handle drop

We’ve added length to our much-loved Garment Bag so it will accommodate longer dresses. Lightweight and travel-smart, this flexible luggage piece has enough room for several garments, plus a removable closet hook and easy zip closure.

Details & Care Tips


  • Four elastic hanger loops, plus ribbon ties to secure additional hangers
  • Two ribbon garment ties keep clothing neatly in place
  • Vera Bradley logo lining

Care Tips

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle; only non-chlorine bleach as needed; line dry

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Customer Reviews

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Disappointing Garment Bag I was really disappointed with my garment bag. It was purchased at the warehouse sale and I don't know of any means to return it, but with one use the stitching ripped out of the elastic stitched on to hold hangers, and I really don't believe elastic was a good option to begin with as it stretches out of place from the weight of the garment on it. It's way too expensive of an item to give way on the first use. I also agree it would be more useful with an interior pocket and wish there were a way to hang items from opposite end if bringing all short length clothing in. basically you have half of the bag serving no purpose. June 30, 2014
Disappointing I have been looking forward to buying this Garment Bag in Sun Valley for sometime now. I love my weekender in Sun Valley and really wanted to get the matching garment bag in sun valley for when I travel. However, as soon as I brought it home I realized how it really isn't a practical piece. I am short so carrying it at its full length with my arm up in the air for a long period of time is just not an option. However, folding it in half like other garment bags is just not a reasonable option. While there are two handles, there is nothing to keep the bag folded in place. Because of this it was awkward to carry the bag. I also realized that since it can't fold it will likely be a problem bringing it on an airplane (which I was hoping I would be able to do on my next weekend trip). I went back to the store the next day and returned it. January 27, 2014
Lacking features of the past... This bag is good but not great. It is the larger size and has 2 sets of large interior ties to hold clothing in place, plus ties to hold the hanger handles together at the top, and the exterior hanger hook. It lacks the extra storage pockets of the past, and a strap, but is superior to the other style bag currently offered. If I could redesign this bag, I would: *Put back the 2 zippered compartments that hold extra clothing and shoes! *Add a carry strap. *Do not remove other helpful features such as interior clothing ties and hanger ties. *Keep the longer length And if possible (maybe not due to cotton fabric not being able to support weight) I would have the handle in the center of the body, so the clothing would hang down on either side, with a way to secure the two bottom "edges" together, so it could be checked. I have an older style bag in raspberry fizz which I love. It's close to this style bag but includes the two large zip pockets and does not have the hook at the top. November 27, 2013
is something wrong with mine? I bought this garment bag in Sun Valley to take on my long California vacation, and over the course of the three weeks, I never figured out how to keep my clothes in place or how to carry it easily. I don't know if mine is defective, or if there is a secret to getting this garment back to function as intended. November 15, 2013
Just a Lovely Garment Bag! I bought the Plum Crazy garment bag and I just love it! My main reason for buying the garment bag was because I was going away to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a wedding and I was going to be a bridesmaid and I wanted to make sure my bridesmaid dress was safe and would not get ruined on the way to Florida and back to Pennsylvania. First, I must say it was surely kept safe! I could not have been more happy with the results/protection I had when I used my Plum Crazy garment bag! It was also a big hit when I was at the airport. I received tons of complements about my Vera Bradley garment bag! Everyone would ask were I bought the garment bag and tell me how much they loved the pattern and idea of a Vera Bradley garment. You can travel in style along with knowing your dress/outfit will be safe! Second, the Vera Bradley garment back is totally safe and acceptable in the airport! The most important thing to remember is that when you are going through security make sure you let your garment bag go through before you let your other items go through. Your garment bag will be fine to take on as your "carry-on" bag you can just put it overhead if you are worried that something will happen if you let your garment bag out of your sight. The Vera Bradley garment bag can also be used for going to places that are a short distance as well! You don't have to use it just for going away far distances! Also another thing your garment bag can be used to protect your dress/outfit in your closet too! Third, I would recommend this product to friends! I think this is definitely worth the money. This is one amazing garment bag and I am sure you will love it! June 9, 2013
Good product but lacking key features I purchased this garment bag in Marina Paisley for an upcoming trip where I have to take a bridesmaids dress on the plane with me. The pros for the newest incarnation of the garment bag are the increased length and the addition of interior ties to help hold the garments in place. However the cons are that the shoulder strap and exterior pocket have been removed. Since my primary purpose of purchasing this bag was to transport dresses through airports, I'm really disappointed that the detachable shoulder strap was removed from the design. I will be returning this product and have already purchased the older version as it will suit my needs better. I'm planning on improving the older version by sewing in interior ties. April 6, 2013
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