3-1-1 Cosmetic in Heather

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SKU #13064144  | 5 ½" x 4" x 2 ¾"

You’re clear for takeoff! Fly through airport security in style with this super-smart travel piece. Meeting TSA carry-on regulations, this clear quart-size cosmetic holds bottles upright, while the double zip-around closure provides easy access.

Details & Care Tips


  • TSA-compliant travel cosmetic bag
  • Clear PVC with Signature print trim detail and silkscreened logo plaque
  • Durable (and stylish!) alternative to plastic food-storage bags

Care Tips

Spot clean with damp cloth
FlutterbyFlower ShowerFanfarePetal PaisleyBlue BayouClementineJulep TulipCitronCanterberry MagentaVenetian PaisleyCanterberry CobaltOlivia PinkBittersweetHeatherTutti FruttiMidnight BluesPlum CrazyJazzy Blooms
Cocoa MossLola

Carry this color and show your support for breast cancer research. Learn more about the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

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Customer Reviews

3-1-1 Cosmetic 4.2 5 14 14
Great for Travel I purchased the 3-1-1 case for my recent trips to Europe. I didn't want to check any luggage for fear I might never see it again. I was able to fit all necessary liquid/gels in the case. It was a tight squeeze, I won't lie. I do think I would be able to fit a little more in a regular plastic baggie. The reason I prefer the 3-1-1 case is the zipper and the handle on the top. I can't tell you how many times my plastic bag "zipper" bag has broken, making the bag useless. The handle on the top of the 3-1-1 case makes it really easy to pull it out of my carry-on bag. I also love that the whole case is plastic in case of any spills. April 14, 2014
Had to return I was so excited to have a nice bag to put toiletries in when flying. I tried to put my liquid toiletries in this bag (shampoo, conditioner, base, perfume, etc.) and I couldn't fit it all in. I pulled out a quart size bag to see if I was expecting too much and it was clear that I could fit at least 2 more 3oz. containers in the plastic bag than in the Vera. I was very disappointed. It should not be advertised as the equivalent of a quart sized bag because it cannot hold the same number of items. April 9, 2014
A Must Have! I can't say enough good things about this piece! Excellent for travel! I recently purchased this piece for going thru security at the airport. I use it currently in whatever bag/purse/crossbody/tote I am using to put Emergency Kit type items. Love, Love, Love... The Best perks of this item is the handle. I would have not purchased this item, if it did not have a handle. It so easy to grab out of bag. Then, it being clear makes it easier to see where the items are at a glance. Also, that the zipper goes all the way around and opens up fully to grab items easier. The only thing I would suggest is making the 3-1-1 in small, medium and large pieces. March 31, 2014
Perfect for traveling through TSA I am astounded that people are saying it's too small. It's a quart size, which is the size you are supposed to use when going through TSA. They couldn't have made it bigger and still called it a 3-1-1 TSA compliant bag. Anyway, with that being sad, I travel back and forth frequently to my hometown with my infant in tow to visit family. This is PERFECT for my liquid/gel items. Instead of having a little ziplock bag (which I never have quart sized ziplocks so the sandwich sized ones don't hold much) which falls apart and is wasteful, this is super sturdy and can take a beating. I use a caribiner to attach it to the handle of my Vera Make a Change backpack/diaper bag so I can stick it through the belt quickly and not waste time. The shape is great for holding a good deal, thick sturdy plastic, and it has a handle (which is what I use to attach the caribiner). I don't think I could ask for anything more. Would it be great if it were bigger? Sure. But then it wouldn't be a valid 3-1-1 bag and I really shouldn't be bringing that much stuff on carry on anyway, let's face it. March 12, 2014
Great for hair stuff! At first, I didn't want to get this because its so small and I didn't think it would hold a lot, especially for somebody like me who loves makeup and has a lot! But I have purchased a lot of hair supplies and needed somewhere to put it so this is what I purchased! All of my hair bows, barettes and clips are in here which again, is perfect! Now my cat won't get ahold of my hairbows and run off with them and I can keep all of my hair stuff in one place! February 26, 2014
Wonderful PACKABLE! I love this bag! I have one that I use for what it is made for my 3 oz products for traveling. I do not travel with lots of 3oz bottles only about 2, everything else is a "deluxe" sample size or packet & it is perfect. I liked the size so much I bought several for my Grand Cargo Bag, they are PEFECT to organize it!!! I put medications in one, & female products in another. Organizes so easy to find & see thru makes it easy to grab what I am looking for. February 12, 2014
Great bag for travel I love this bag,but if you like a big bag this probably would not be good.But i love mine January 27, 2014
Too small for me. I had been waiting for a sale. It was finally here but oh no, it is way too small. I really couldn't think of anything I could really use it for, so back it went. My first return but my own fault for not reading the dimensions. I love the idea of the see through bag and it was very well made but I wish this was offered in small, medium and large sizes like the fabric cosmetic bags. January 21, 2014
perfect everyday cosmetic I have this in Bittersweet.I carry this with me almost everywhere (as long as it fits in the bag I carry)! In here I fit lipbalm, lipstick, and vaseline lip therapy! I think this is too cute, thanks VB! January 10, 2014
Great in concept but not large enough I typically travel with a carry on only which means traveling with travel size toiletries. This is adorable but does not hold enough. I have another 3-1-1 bag that I received free from a cosmetics company that fits more toiletries than this one does. I love the design (especially the handle on top) and how cute the VB one is but it is just too small and therefore not functional for me. I used it once and returned to my other 3-1-1 clear cosmetic bag the next time I traveled. If it were a little larger this would be my staple, go-to toiletries bag when I travel. December 8, 2013
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