Calculator in Mocha Rouge

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SKU #11771110  | 2½" x 4¾" x ¼"

It all adds up to a colorful sum with this pretty number cruncher. The ideal little extra for back to school or the office.

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  • Available in each of the four Fall 2011 Signature colors
Happy SnailsSafari Sunset

Carry this color and show your support for breast cancer research. Learn more about the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect For Students This is the best calculator. I have mine in Mocha Rouge and I love it. The keys are big enough and so are the numbers on the screen. I use this to study for Math tests. Another great hit! Thanks, Vera Bradley! January 29, 2012
Great Calculator! I just received this today as a Christmas present from my Algebra 1 friend. She helps me with the parts of Algebra that are hard for me. She ordered it for me in Plum Petals, and I love it. She picked a perfect present for me. (: I hope I can use it come school again in January. I think the only thing that would be better would be a Vera Bradley graphing calculator! I realized they don't make those, but that could be the next big thing! I love the buttons and the whole overall style of the calculator. Thanks for another great thing, Vera Bradley! December 16, 2011
Everywhere I keep this at easy access on my outer pocket and use it at least once a day. It's especially helpful when shopping. I have gotten compliments on it numerous times, especially from retail store associates who see me calculating discounts and whatnot. Makes a great gift! I certainly appreciate it! November 30, 2011
Must've gotten a lemon I bought this online in Plum Petals. The pattern is pretty and I like seeing this pretty thing sitting on my desk. I think I got a bad calculator because the buttons on the left 3 long rows completely stick down when you press them. The very right row of buttons don't stick. I have to try many times to calculate one simple thing. It makes calculating many things at once pretty impossible. 2 thumbs up for pretty pattern 2 thumbs down for functionality November 27, 2011
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!! I love this calculator!!! it is high quality and doesn't brake easily. I have one in Safari Sunset and use it everyday!!!! I would recomend this to everyone! November 16, 2011
Fun Fun Fun!! I am soo pleased with the quality of this caculator! The buttons are so squishy and fun!! I have one in plum petals and I use it all the time!! I totally reccomend this!!!! October 30, 2011
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