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It seems everything comes with accessories these days, including technology. So, we made an accessory of our own to hold it all! Four mesh pockets house power cords, flash drives, chargers and more, while the double-zip closure and top handles make transporting a breeze.

Details & Care Tips


  • Four interior elastic mesh pockets
  • Double-zip closure and two top handles
  • ID window
  • Two interior elastic bands

Care Tips

Spot Clean
Deco DaisyBoysenberry

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Customer Reviews

Tech Organizer 4.6 5 36 38
Simply Amazing! I bought this in hopes of keeping together all my chargers that were haphazardly thrown about my room, taking up precious space in my drawers and making my ultra-small bedroom look disheveled. When I received this it was smaller than I expected (but that's my own fault - I'm bad with visualizing measurements). However, it is PERFECT for my needs! I easily fit 5-6 Apple chargers, two different digital camera chargers, my Kindle charger, and a portable outlet extender, with tons of room to spare. It also feels very sturdy, so I don't fear my things will be crushed while traveling. It makes packing so easy - no worrying you've left a certain cord at home, since you can just grab and go! Now instead of having a bunch of chargers lying around, I have one cute little case that looks adorable AND keeps everything neatly out of sight and together! This really is such a must-have for any tech lover who wants a simple, portable, stylish storage option in her in life! November 23, 2011
Great for cables! I just got this in boysenberry! It holds all my cables, my nook, and a screen cleaner! I highly recommend this! December 1, 2013
Awesome I travel often and having everything in one place makes all the difference. I pack it and put it in my Vera Bradley Laptop Backpack. I have room for my Mac Air cord, earbuds, and my air card and and various other cords. I debated about buying this bag and I'm glad I finally did. I keep it in my backpack and now I know where all my cords are. November 11, 2013
You'll never guess what I use this handy item for! No, not my techie stuff. It makes a perfect first aid kit. I have loaded gauze, tape, bandages, and a small pair of safety scissors in the large pouch. Above that in the small mesh pouch is a plastic pill box with aspirin (my family had a history of heart attack so these are easily accessible with no digging or hunting) and in the ID pouch I have slid in a few packs of single use hand sanitizer. On the other side I have bottled goods such as ibuprofen,acetaminophen, allergy meds, and tubes of fungal and antibiotic creams. The bottom loops are perfect for that small bottle of pink stomach liquid medicine and the longer tubes of creams I carry. It zips right up into a neat little package that can be stored easily beneath a car seat. June 23, 2013
Organization has arrived I bought some of these for gifts at Christmas, as well as, one for myself. I loaded it up with chargers, cables, iPods, ear buds, Mifi device and a reading light. Yes the elastic is snug but that keeps your items in place when you zip it closed and turn it sideways. I do a lot of air travel and when I go through security, the TSA have commented how organized the electronic cables are and visible inside of my backpack. Not to mention, when I reach in my backpack at 10,000 feet, I grab the handles and pull everything out in one shot. Excellent and definitely on the list of gifts for this year!!! May 5, 2013
Just right for me. I was given this bag for Chirstmas, it is in the Viva La Vera pattern. It holds my laptop cords/battery pack, cordless mouse, 2 packs of AAA battery's ( 8 total) ear buds with VB case and headphones, I have a micro cloth, and additional SIM cards as well as a couple memory cards. I still have room , but for the life of me I just can't think of anything else I need. January 7, 2013
Not great for tech, can be used for cosmetics I bought this with the intention of using it as a tech organizer. (I bought it on sale and I don't think it is worth the full retail price IMHO). However, when I got it in the mail I found that some of the pockets as currently designed are NOT FUNCTIONAL. For example, the medium and large sized mesh pockets: their elastic is too tight to expand easily and provide easy access to your stuff. I guess the tiny one is fine for SD cards. The ID window seems pretty useless and also doesn't have a space for your thumb to help slide a card out. I currently have nothing in there. The elastic for cords seems like it could work well for a PC laptop adaptor. For a Macbook adaptor, it wouldn't fit that shape. I started using it as a cosmetics organizer for my less-frequently-used makeup. I put my eyeliners, eye brushes, and mascaras in one medium-sized mesh compartment, and my lip liners, brushes, & lipsticks in the adjacent compartment. I put my palettes flat on the other side and my pencil sharpener in the tiny mesh pocket. Now when I need to use this makeup, I open the case and hold it open on my dresser or in my left hand like a binder. I would encourage VB to redesign the pockets and keep this item but right now I use it as a binder-style cosmetics case because I don't like all my makeup jumbled together in a wide bag. December 24, 2012
Well Organized! This tech organizer is great! It holds my computer power cord with charger in the large mesh pocket on the right. I rolled up and put the small cord in first, then rolled the other cord and laid it with charger, side by side, and slid them in. I also managed to get my little camera cord in with it. I use the little mesh pocket above that one for batteries, flash drives, etc. And I still have enough room to put another charger and/or cord in the area on top of the ID Holder and Small Mesh Pocket, which I'll use for my Kindle charger and cord. The bag is beautifully quilted with hard sides (of cardboard, I think?) and is made really well. I got the Folkloric pattern and it is so pretty. Perfect for a girly girl who likes pink! Also, I could fit my NookCOLOR in the large pocket on the right. It is a snug fit, but it does fit. So this could be used as an e-reader or small tablet case with plenty of room left over for other things. I'm ordering a few more for gifts and an extra for me. This bag just keeps everything in its place, easy to see, easy to take out, and I can throw it in my luggage without having to hunt down cords. It could be used for many other little necessities as well. December 8, 2012
I LOVE my Tech Organizer I'll bet you can find other uses of it, too!! : ) I plan on getting another one and using it for my canister-like "minerals" cosmetic containers. What I *don't* love is that it's being discontinued!! November 24, 2012
great for Nook I wanted something to keep my Nook with room for the accessories for travel... With this I got a bonus....Nook, plug and phone charger my reading light....are all in one spot with easy access and no tanglements. November 12, 2012
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