Address Book in Ellie Blue

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SKU #11427119  | 6¼" x 7¾" x 1¾"

Our updated binder-style Address Book allows for complete customization! Each of the A-Z tabbed dividers can be filled with as many address pages as your contact list requires. Plus, sections for important dates and emergency numbers make usage easy and fun.

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  • Magnetic flap closure
  • Media pocket on the inside back cover
  • Fully designed, colorful pages

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Customer Reviews

Address Book 4.3 5 27 28
A lot of work to make it user friendly I agree with many of the comments (I did not read them all) I just picked up a very gorgeous address book at my local Barnes and Noble. Very disaapointed to learn there are no refill pages. I am, however, planning on scanning them into my computer and just printing off myself. Not perfefct, but a doable solution. (I have a pretty good printer for photo copies). I also agree with the sticker on the front/back. grrrrrrrr. I went as slow as I possibly could, to no avail, I'm going to have to work at getting that front sticker off without it leaving fingernail marks. As I said, it's gorgeous (I got the Ellie Blue) but many what a hassle. January 22, 2013
Use Labels to Stretch Refill Pages I have this address book and it is very nice. I use avery address labels 5160 and type my information on my computer, then I put the labels in my address book. This helps stretch the refill pages, if information changes I replace the label over the "original" label. ALso when creating an address book online, I save A-C on one page for example then D-F, so when you have to make changes it is easier. Just an idea, this is a good item and not easy to find. December 21, 2012
No Refill Pages I am ordering two of these in spite of all the disappointing comments about no refill pages. I could not decide which design I liked the best so am ordering two and will give the other as a gift sometime. I just wanted to say that for the price which is almost discounted 50% from the original price if you really felt you needed the refill pages you should just order two and then you would have them. You could always buy 3 ring binder paper and just use the 2nd binder for a notebook - I say it is a win win solution!!! June 22, 2012
Nice for self or gift I added this item in Lemon Parfait to my 20% off sale prices order, and I now wish I had ordered extras to have on hand for gifts. It is a beautiful address book that is just the right size. It does not have a magnetic closure or pocket in the back, those must be only the newer patterns, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it included two sets of address pages, about 72 in all, so this book should be good for years. Each page holds three addresses on the front and three on the back. I agree that refills should be available, even though my book came with a good supply. There are also a few pages in front for dates and frequently used phone numbers. The ribbon runs through the front paper label, and the label isn't stuck to the cover. The back adhesive label peeled off easily without leaving any residue. The six binder rings open and close smoothly. It seems to be very well constructed and I just love it! March 6, 2012
No Refills!!!! Huge Disappointment... Purchased this for my mother who was transferring her old address to a new book. For many older folks, an address book is their lifeline as they do not have this info in a computer program. When we started the process, we recognized that there are no refills available to purchase. Why spend all the time, energy and effort when this address book will be outdated in a period of time? I am very surprised that no one at Vera Bradley thought about this key component. Well, I am off to carefully purchase another address book - one that folks can add pages as their contacts expand or change addresses. January 20, 2012
Beautiful with one flaw... I just came home with a new binder address book in the beautiful Camellia pattern. I love the address book but with this offering of new patterns, the address book comes with a Vera Bradley sticker on both the front and back. I just spent 20 minutes trying to remove the stickers. I tried my best to be very careful and now I have marks on the front of my lovely new book because I had to pick and pick to get the sticker off. This is very disappointing. ( I hesitate to use the classic nail polish remover trick on this material.) At the holidays, these books were presented with a pretty ribbon. I realize they slipped off easily, but I would happily pay a couple more dollars for another design for this item and not have to battle a sticker and end up with a new but marred item. Because I love all things VB, I'll give this item some stars, but a little joy over my new treat has been lost. Thanks. January 19, 2012
Could have been better I had my husband give me this as a Christmas gift and was I disappointed. Oh it's nice, don't get me wrong. The quality is great, no problem there but the one I was replacing had an individual third of a page for each name,front only, thus when the person moved or changed a lot of info, all I had to do was pull out a replacement sheet, fill it in and put it into the address book. Not so here. You have one sheet where you enter 3 names on the front, 3 on the back. If you're a neatnik like me, when one name gets messy, you have to toss the whole sheet and recopy all 6 names. I cannot abide a messy notebook. Thus I foresee a lot of waste for me plus VB doesn't sell replacement sheets so where is that going to leave me????? There obviously wasn't a lot of thought put into this for people, like me, who have a lot of action in their address books. I give it an excellent for style and quality, a poor for design....and this from a Vera Bradley lover! Sorry. December 26, 2011
Love it I bought this in lemon parfait and I love it. The binder style makes this very easy to use and not have to have wasted pages behind letters that aren't used. I also love how each page has the patterned border at the bottom December 17, 2011
LOVE IT! I absolutely love my address book! It is the perfect size. BUT PLEASE MAKE REFILL PAGES!!!!!!!!! November 23, 2011
Classic and Functional This VB address book is a very cute way to keep track of addresses and phone numbers. A traditional address book never goes out of style! And STYLE these do have. I bought one in Rhythm and Blues. I love that this is in a binder style and I can move pages around as needed. I was able to put two sheets behind each letter to get me started. That left me with 20 left-over pages. Kinda disappointed that I couldn't do three for each letter. Six more pages would have been ideal. I do my addresses in pencil but some may do them in pen. So, I do agree that VB needs to carry refills for this address book. The "Features" tab on the description needs to be updated. What they have listed is for the old style. Overall this address book is a real winner! October 4, 2011
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