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These tailored yet comfy driving gloves give your winter outerwear a touch of class and a fun pop of color. Quilted, water-resistant fabric on the back keeps hands protected from the elements while fleece lining on the inside leaves your hands warm and cozy.

Details & Care Tips


  • Soft fleece on palms and inside for warmth
  • Printed water-resistant fabric on top of hands keeps you dry
  • Decorative button detail hides a snap beneath

Care Tips

Hand wash cold, line dry
DogwoodEnglish RoseProvencalPortobello Road

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Customer Reviews

Gloves 3.3 5 11 11
Perfect for my small hands! I'm a small'er' girl (4'10") and I continuously run into the same problem with gloves: there's usually an extra inch of fabric on the end of every finger. These gloves are a perfect fit! I ordered a small/medium. I can definitely see why they wouldn't fit somebody with larger hands, though. As for the other reviews saying that they're 'duller' in color: it's because they're not the same 'normal' quilted material. They're a waterproof plastic-y material. I ordered them in Dogwood along with the Newsgirl hat and I love them! Overall, I recommend the small/medium gloves for people who have really small hands. Can't speak for the medium/large gloves. I'm happy with my pair. :) January 28, 2014
AWESOME I bought these gloves last year & have been using them on/off since the fall. I love them, so much I am now ordering a second pair & a gift for my sister as well for her march birthday. I felt to write this review in light of the negative reviews. The fit for me, a size 7 usually, worked fine in a small/medium. Yes, the glove is short, that is what is suppose to be, but more importantly they are warm! The snap on one of the gloves unsnaps when I initially put them on, but then stay put once I resnap. They wash & dry in dryer well with NO FADE, NO SHRINKAGE. Overall I am back for more & on sale!! I say don't hesitate, I am personally a picky person about clothes, etc., with that being said it's a home run!! January 11, 2014
Color nice, but fit is dissappointing I received these in Dogwood. The pattern was true to color (awesome), but the fit and size of these gloves were small and the wrists barely come to the end of your hand and the fingers are short. Women need longer fingers in gloves to allow for jewelry taking up space in the material--and nails. In addition, the wrist part needs to be longer to get the gloves covering above the wrist to coat sleeve line.....I wish you didn't have to unsnap them, a pull on with a little gathering would have been better. They are stiff, but that would get better with wear, I just think the needed to be longer and not so snug. I got the med/large (largest size) and they were still small. Will miss my pattern (dogwood) and wished I could have gotten perhaps a new updated style of the gloves before the pattern was retired. :-( December 10, 2013
Misfit I too was disappointed- these gloves are stiff and small- a bad combo if you have any arthritis. I found the snap annoying and overall they are short and your wrists get cold. The 1st Vera item I am unhappy with (BUT I LOVE the idea of matching gloves and scarfs- they would look so pretty with a solid fleece vest"-) November 28, 2013
Gardening anyone? I love the idea of Vera gloves, but the actual product? Not so much. I received these as a christmas gift and found them to be, well, ugly. The pattern looked very dull, not as bright as it usually it. The shape was much more like a gardening glove then any thing else. And, the fit was very off. I returned them. Would not suggest. January 27, 2013
Tight Fit Gloves I received these gloves as a Christmas gift. They are very cute,..but the fit is very tight,....just too small for my arthritic hands. I have no receipt, and cannot find a local retailer who will exchange them for ANYTHING else that I can actually use. Would be a nice gift for someone who has small hands,..... January 7, 2013
Could use some improvements to be the best! while these are very cute, i agree with the previous reviewer: need a little work. they are thin but warm enough. i wasn't a fan of the button snap- it made them tight, airy, and uncomfortable. Also, i think the whole glove should be a waterproof material with some grip on the palm side, then lined with fleece. Having fleece as it is on the palm side now will get dirty and slips. Perhaps next year do stretchy "mitten-style" or do one with a cuff, not a button. also, a thought: how about making these with the touch conductive tips for the thumb and pointer finger? since all of us are tech savvy these days, it would be great to not have to take gloves off to use our cell phones, e-readers, and tablets. just some suggestions. January 1, 2013
Not worth it for full price I received these gloves in Provencal from my daughter for Christmas. While they are pretty, they are not worth the price. They are not driving gloves, but merely thin fleece gloves with pretty quilted fabric. If you can get them on sale, they might be worth it. They are not the quality product that I am used to seeing from Vera Bradley. December 27, 2012
So warm! I received these as a gift and they were so warm. I like the fact that they were not overly bulky. Just enough flexibility. December 13, 2012
NOT Driving Gloves and NOT what I expect from Vera These are not driving gloves, driving gloves usually have something on the bottom to grip the steering wheel. These are for Backseat Drivers, I guess! I can see why they're categorized as driving gloves though because they're not very warm. The hole across the top of the glove reaches the center of my hand and lets cold air in! Also, if you have nickel allergies, pass on these, the snaps are not nickel-free...found that out the hard way. I debated over giving them one star because I hate them and would never wear them outdoors again, but I'll give them two stars because they're pretty. However, I want to make clear that they are absolutely non-functional for cold weather. My hands were freezing! The gloves are of poor quality, made out of two thin layers of fleece with a layer of printed synthetic fabric on top. I am a Vera Bradley fan, and this is my first purchase in years that I have been disappointed with. I bought these online and I wish I had seen them in person first. Not the Vera quality that I'm used to. November 14, 2012
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