Slide Frame Case for iPhone 5 in Plum Crazy

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SKU #12935137  | Fits iPhone 5

We’ve got your new iPhone 5 covered with this cleverly designed hardshell case that also offers a spot for your credit card or ID. Two-piece case easily slides open to reveal card compartment. This case features a fun Vera Bradley print on back and coordinating colored sides and front. New glossy finish makes the colors really pop!

Details & Care Tips


  • Printed polycarbonate case
  • Built-in compartment for credit card or ID
  • Features a Vera Bradley print on back and coordinating colored sides and front
  • Presented in a Vera Bradley box - perfect for gifting!

Care Tips

Wipe clean
Tutti FruttiSun ValleyLilli BellMarina PaisleyMidnight BluesPlum CrazyJazzy BloomsGo WildRibbonsVa Va BloomLime's Up

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Customer Reviews

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Terrible Case! The worst design EVER! It was given to me as a gift when i bought my brand new iphone. I attempted to take the case off and it would not come off! I had to tug and pull and it would not come off. When it finally did the phone went flying across the room. Beautiful design but horrible case. May 17, 2014
Don't do it! Terrible phone case. Have the iPhone 5s & I dropped it once (fell out of my pocket and onto the kitchen floor) and it shattered my entire screen. Lovely colors, terrible case. April 4, 2014
Lovely case I agree that the slide function is difficult to work at first, but it was so nice to have my school id handy for getting into buildings easily and during meal time. I also found that while the case isn't infallible, it does offer a good amount of protection - I have been using it for the past two months on my new phone and have dropped it quite a few times and there is not a scratch or crack to be found. February 24, 2014
Your phone might be safer without a case at all! I had this on my phone for less than three weeks before it cracked. Thank goodness it wasn't my phone! I dropped it once from my lap getting out of my (low) car, so a fall of less than 18." The side of the case scratched incredibly easily, I thought, but I vowed to be more careful. The second time I dropped it while using it because the case is so slippery and the case cracked at the power button hole. I'm not an overly clumsy person, but to expect that you'll never drop your phone is unrealistic. First VB product I've been severely disappointed in. If you're still set on getting this case, you should know that the slide feature is a little tricky at first, but after opening and closing it a few times, it became much easier. February 7, 2014
choose a different case! I got this case for christmas, but exchanged it for something else within two days of using it. The slide feature is very difficult to work when the case is on the phone, and when you finally get it open, your id/money is hard to get out of the little compartment. Additionally, the case did not offer much protection and I didn't like the way it felt in my hand. Disappointing and definitely not the Vera quality I'm used to! December 28, 2013
Surprised I was surprised to read the other reviews. This case has worked great and protected my phone for 8 months. I have dropped it many times and it has not broke. The slide feature IS tricky at first but once you open and close it a few times it works well. I hold my license in there and it is really handy. It has gone through the normal wear-and-tears of a phone case since I have used it constantly for 8 months and I am definetly going to buy another one in a different pattern. I have enjoyed this case! November 24, 2013
Worn out slide I've had this case for 3 months now and even though I never use the slide feature for anything, the slide has become worn out. Now it falls open all the time and my phone has fallen to the ground several times. Luckily it hasn't broken, but I'm looking for a new case so I don't have to worry about my phone falling out and breaking anymore. August 22, 2013
Terrible Design! DO NOT PURCHASE! Both of my daughters have this phone case. It is extremely difficult to slide open. It has flown out of their hands several times trying to slide it open. It has finally shattered the screen. I bought the same case at the same time for myself but returned it because I use the my credit cards frequently during the day and it was so hard to slide open. I have a terrific phone case that is made by incipio and it opens like a book on the back of the phone case. August 18, 2013
Tricky but cute! OK, when I first got this I put my phone in and couldn't figure out how to get the slide to work. Had I read the previous reviews, I would have known that to slide it open you have to hold it with the bottom facing away, pressing down on the screen of the phone to get the case to slide properly. I think that the instructions on how to slide it open should be included with the case because it's tricky and it took me almost 2 weeks to figure it out! Once I got it and slid it open and shut a few times, it works fine. The case itself is super cute. I got it in the Ribbons pattern. I do agree with other reviewers that it is slippery. Due to the lack of instruction on the slide function, the fact that it's a tad bit pricey for something that is plastic and the slipperiness I would rate it as average. But I'm not really unhappy with it. July 24, 2013
Cute! The slide takes some work, though! When I purchased this case at the store, the salesgirl warned me that the slide was not all that it was cracked up to be. I appreciated her honesty, but since I was going to be carrying my phone in a wristlet anyways, I didn't mind. On closer inspection I realized that I would not be able to take my phone out of the case the way that it was put in: by sliding the case open and then pulling the phone out. I was able to get my phone out by pushing on the back of the case and holding the sides open. Once I had my phone out, I just kept sliding the phone case open and then shutting it again for about five minutes. After doing that, I put the phone back in the case & the side is much easier to get open. I was able to get it to slide with the phone in the case by facing the screen up towards me with the home button facing out with both thumbs on the screen. I pushed away from myself and was able to get the slide to come out. I kept doing this and now it's super easy to get the side open and closed! While I think it's kind of silly that I had to do this in order to get the case to work correctly, I love the pattern of the case and the fact that it has a lip that goes over the edge of the screen so that if my phone is facedown, the screen isn't touching the table. Now that the slide is working, I think I will use it if I go out with my friends. This way, I will be able to carry my ID but not have to bring a purse. However, be warned, this case will only hold 1 or 2 cards. It was hard to get the case to slide with a credit card and ID in there. That's fine with me though, because I use cash. Happy shopping! July 22, 2013
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