Soft Frame Case for iPhone 5 in Leopard Spots

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SKU #13222186  | Fits iPhone 5

Dress up your iPhone 5 with this fun case. Featuring one of our pretty prints, this soft case provides quality protection, and with its unique textured design, it’s always easy to find in your handbag or tote.

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  • Fits an iPhone 5
  • Crafted in multi-layered, textured silicone
  • Access to all other phone functions
Moon DropsInk SpotsLeopard SpotsPetite PinkZiggy ZagsFlower ShowerPetal PaisleyFanfareFlutterbyBlue BayouClementineCanterberry MagentaHeather
Julep TulipVenetian PaisleyOlivia PinkBittersweet

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Customer Reviews

Soft Frame Case for iPhone 5 3.8 5 16 16
Perfect for my iPhone 5! I've had this case for almost a year and it's still going strong. It's not only pretty but very durable--I've dropped my iPhone several times over the past year on multiple types of surfaces (including smooth and bumpy concrete) and it has not only protected my iPhone beautifully (not a scratch or ding or anything on my iPhone!) but the case itself is unblemished. It's extremely easy to gently clean but it honestly does not get dirty or dingy; I only need to wipe it off if I happen to handle it while I'm doing something else like eating, cooking, etc. I handle my iPhone, as you can imagine, all throughout the day everyday and this case still looks like brand new, no kidding. And it's not like I try to handle it gently on purpose or anything--I have two kids I run around with so believe me when I say that it has gone through tough times. It is also easy to put on and take off, but at the same time it stays on very well when I want it to stay put. I've had and tried hard-shell plastic-type cases, and with those I don't like how hard they are to take off and also with most of them the coverage does not extend around the whole phone--with this case, I feel the protection is absolute since it surrounds the whole frame of the phone AND the silicone is slightly raised so that if you drop your phone face down, it protects the screen from direct contact with the floor. Additionally, until only recently I had been using the Vera Bradley "All in One Crossbody" and I would of course put my iPhone with this case on, in the phone compartment. Unfortunately it was a VERY tight fit, and whenever I needed to take the phone out I had to PRY it out and struggle a lot with just getting it out of the compartment. I would invariably pull and stretch the silicone/rubber material of this case everytime, just trying to get my phone out. But even with all that constant pulling and stretching several times daily, this case still looks perfect and brand new. I just hope that Vera Bradley comes out with this case for the upcoming newer versions of the iPhone, because I would get another one in a heartbeat. It has truly proven its worth. August 11, 2014
One year and going strong! I bought the Heather soft case July 2013 and it's still going strong. I've had no problems with peeling or stretching. It protects my phone very well and I love the design/colors! July 18, 2014
Case does not stay on Iphone I purchased this product in the Lola pattern in September 2013. While it is very cute and I like the slimness and rubbery feel of it, the case does not stay on my phone. There is not much of an "overhang" on the front side of the phone so the case tends to shift and not stay in place on the phone. Just recently my phone fell out of the case and the front screen shattered when it hit the ground. I knew this case was a basic protector and not as substantial as others on the market; however, I am very disappointed that it would allow my phone to actually fall out and break. I have lots of Vera Bradley products that are wonderful, I just don't recommend this phone case. June 12, 2014
Soft Frame in Flower Shower I bought the Soft Frame Case in Flower Shower last week, and I really like it so far. But I'm writing a review about the color in this case. In the picture, it looks light pink on the edges. But when I got it in the mail, it's this weird orangey, red color that is SO not me. It is still cute, and I like it. But don't buy this color in this case unless you want orange. Just a heads up. Hopefully the case will hold up better than some of the other reviews say if I take care of it.... April 28, 2014
Very Delicate I bought this case a couple months ago and I do not recommend this. After about a month of handling the design on this soft case started to peel of and it was very upsetting being the price was very high for such a low quality case. I think these cases are stunning, but I recommend getting a "snap-on" case, which is a lot nicer anyways; April 7, 2014
Keeps iPhone protected and makes it cute! I have been eyeing this VB product since last summer when they released the Fall patterns and was in love with the design they came up with for Heather, but I had an iPhone 4s at the time so I wasn't able to purchase it. I didn't get the iPhone 5s until January of this year, but that's when VB released new colors and I instantly loved the Blue Bayou design. I got the case as a gift for my birthday and so far I have no complaints. I like that it grips to everything so it does not easily slide off of anything. A reviewer commented that their backing was coming off, that is not a problem I have had. I actually notice 0 wear on the case at all. The colors are still bright and vibrant. I was worried that the little bit of white that is on it would show dirt, but it's still just as white as it was when I took it out of the package. I am always very careful with my phone and I can only remember dropping it once onto tile flooring face down and there was no damage done to the phone because the case saved it :) I just purchased this case in the new pattern Flower Shower and am excited to switch it up! Will definitely be buying this case in new patterns as long as VB releases them. March 21, 2014
CHEAP I purchased this rubber phone case about a month ago and loved it at first! Then about two weeks later I noticed the design on the back started peeling off in the top corner almost like a sticker. Then after another two weeks the whole back design started peeling off on the sides, corners, and indentation where the camera is. I am very disappointed by this product and will not be purchasing another. March 5, 2014
Super Cute and Easy to Grip! I just visited a Vera Bradley store for the very first time and bought 3 of these rubber phone cases! They are priced lower than similar plain color versions at the Apple Store and are also less expensive than other brands such as Kate Spade, Coach and Brighton. The patterns are fun and they are easy to switch out since they fit snug to the case but are not too tight around the edges. Looking forward to using these! March 3, 2014
Eye-catching iPhone Case I bought this case in Canterberry Magenta and love the bright, bold pattern which I can spot anywhere in my purse. The rubber has a nice, soft feel with comfortable grip. My only wish is that the surrounding frame was made of a stiffer or more sturdy rubber as there are times when I pull my phone out of a small pocket in my purse, the phone will start to come loose from the case. Also, I agree with another reviewer who feels that the rubber near the home button is a bit flimsy. As a result, I make extra effort to be very gentle when handling it for fear it will rip if I am not careful. Hopefully this case will last and I won't need to buy a new one any time soon as I love everything else about it. January 3, 2014
Drop proof-so far I have this case for my work phone and I feel like it offers more protection than the hard shell cases from VB. I have dropped my phone many times since putting the case on, however it is yet to show it! I was a little disappointed to find that venetian paisley is really just a navy chevron pattern, which does not look very VB, but that was my fault for not looking carefully. and otherwise I really like this product! In fact, I wish they sold a soft frame case for iphone 4-4s for my non-work phone!!! December 20, 2013
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