On your mark,
get set,
get personal

Create a unique look by adding your own special touch to select Vera Bradley styles. Follow our simple process below to get started.

1. Choose a letter style

Mononame Circlethree

Embellish your bag with a full name, team mascot, title or initials, with one of these eye-catching arrangements. Note: The traditional monogram layout would be first initial, last initial, then middle initial.

2. Choose a font style

  • Alpha serif
  • Alpha script
  • Alpha three letter

Find your favorite font, whether you prefer a serif, no serif or a timeless script.

3. Choose a thread color

  • Midnight Houndstooth

    Midnight Houndstooth

  • Blossoms


  • Emerald Diamonds

    Emerald Diamonds

  • charcoal swatch


  • soldier red swatch

    Soldier Red

  • beige delight swatch

    Beige Delight

  • black swatch


With shades ranging from black to something a bit brighter, the thread choice is yours. Make your statement as subtle or as bold as you like.

* Thread colors vary based on fabric color.

4. Personalize

  • Perssample Amy
  • Perssample Cwe
  • Perssample Pam
  • Perssample Elephant
  • Perssample Giraffe

When your style, thread color, font and arrangement come together, the result is a wonderful look that is truly, uniquely yours.

Available in stores and online!

Monogrammed orders may not arrive by Christmas. Please allow up to 3 additional days for processing of monogrammed orders.