Julep Tulip


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Large Colorblock Tote in Julep Tulip Productinfo

Large Colorblock Tote

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Colorblock Duffel in Julep Tulip Productinfo
FlutterbyBlue BayouClementineJulep Tulip

Colorblock Duffel

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Grand Cosmetic in Julep Tulip Productinfo

Grand Cosmetic

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Pushlock Wristlet in Julep Tulip Productinfo
Julep TulipCitron

Pushlock Wristlet

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On the Go

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Mini Turn Lock Crossbody in Julep Tulip with Plum Trim Productinfo
Fanfare with Black TrimCitron with Black Trim

Mini Turn Lock Crossbody

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Tablet Tote

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Kiss 'n Snap Wallet in Julep Tulip Productinfo
Olivia PinkLola

Kiss 'n Snap Wallet

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Elit Hobo in Julep Tulip with Plum Trim Productinfo
Petal Paisley with Navy TrimFanfare with Black TrimFlutterby with Purple TrimClementine with Geranium TrimJulep Tulip with Plum Trim

Elit Hobo

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